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The First Sizo Festival Saikot ah hmang

Friday, September 28, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPur, September 28, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Hmar Youth Association, Saikot Branch huoihawtna hnuoiah vawisun khan Saikot Playground-ah The First Sizo Festival hlawtling takin hmang a nih. Hi huna hin Chief Guest-in Pu P. Sharatchandra Singh, Hon'ble MLA, Moirang A/C & Govt. Chief Whip a thang a, Guest of Honour in Pi Thangthatling, Social Worker a thang a, Functional President in Pu Romeo Hmar, Convenor, Manipur Tribals Forum Delhi, India a thang a, Sizo Festival Pa le Nu in Pu Joseph Lalrothang, President, Hmar Inpui, GHQ le  Pi J.L Sawmi, President, HWA GHQ hai an thang.

Hi huna hin Sizo le a hlutna ti thupuia hmangin Pi Dr. Ruth Laldinthar, Asst. Professor, CCpur Govt. College in thuhrilna hun a hmang a, Chief Guest in Sizo Festival hawngna le inspection a nei zoin Sizo hme chi hran chran chi 14 lai zet pholang a nih a. Program hmang zoin Sizo hmepawk ruoi the a nih a. Hi huna hin Artist hai anthawk Sizo Festival Theme song ngaithlak a ni bakah Shepherd Academy le Sikot Meitei HYA han hnam lam inentirna hun an hmang bawk.

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