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ITI Saikot-ah Trade tum tum training thei

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Saikot, June 20, 2018 | HT/Virthli (ONP): Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Saikot, Churachandpur-a Trade tum tum training nuom hai ta dingin June 19- 30, 2018 inkar sungin Superintendent (Tech), ITI Saikot Office-ah Rs. 40/- pein Application form lak thei ning a ta, Application fill-up zo hnungin documents hai kildesain June 30, 2018 chenin peklut thei ning a tih. Y. Achouba Singh, Superintendent (Tech), ITI, Saikot chun June 19, 2018 khan Admission Notice a'nsuo.

Trade tum tum training thei hai chu Welder, Dress Making; COPA; Hair & Skin Care (Cosmetology); Fruits and Vegetables le Carpentry hai an nih. Welder le Carpentry a ding hin Class VIII passed chin le a dang po a ding hin HSLC a tul. Document peklut sa ding hai chu Educational Certificates, Marksheet le Admit Card bakah passport thlalak thar tak copy 2 a nih. Document peklut sa ding hai hi self attested thaw ding a nih.

ITI a training áš­ha taka zo hai chu sin hmuna tieng ah an invai naw hle a, ITI Certificate hi a hlu hle a nih. Chuleiin, ngaiven chi tak ning a tih. Pherzawl Dist. mi a kai nuom hai khawmin apply thei a nih.

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