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HSA Hmarram JHQ in an dem

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Parbung, June 12, 2018, Virthli (ONP): June 1, 2018 a Parbung tleirawlte sawisaka a um le inzawmin HSA Hmarram Joint Headquarters chun chanchinbuhaia an demna thu a puong baka medical le Police tieng pang an um nawna thuah sawrkar a dem hlea an hma tienga sie vat dingin sawrkar a phut.

Parbung (Hmasawwna Thar): Hmar Students' Association (HSA) Hmarram JHQ June 11 khan thusuok siemin, June 1, 2018 zan dar 9:00 vel a Parbunga nuhmei tleirawlte misuol ruolin an thuoi hmanga, thawluina hmanga an suollui le an sawisak chu na a tiin a tuor takzet thu an ziek.

Mani farhai u le nau sang hai le mani chipui ngei ngei laka hieng thil tirdakumtak thawtu hai hi khawtlang hmelma an ni a, mihriem lungril putlo le ramhuoi lungril put an ni leiin a nat thei ang taka hrem ngei dingin an kan phut tiin Simon Barjona, Gen. Secy. le Lalchansang Nungate, President, HSA Hmarram JHQ han thusuok an siemna chun an ziek bawk. Hieng thil tirdakum tlung ta lo dingin an dit thu an puong.

Chun, buoina tlung hma le hnung khawm Police Station haia police hmel hmu ding an um naw chu an dem thu an puong baka mipui mamaw le buoina tlung thut huna medical tieng pang enkawltu ding Doctor hmel hmu ding an um naw chu mak a tiin a dem hle thu HSA Hmarram JHQ thusuok chun a hril. Hienganga sin thaw pei lo hai hi HSA chun a ngaithiem naw khelah sawrkarin a hmusitnaah an ngai tiin an ziek.
HSA condemns rape incident

IMPHAL | Jun 11 (Imphal Free Press) : Hmar Students’ Association (HSA), Hmarram Joint Headquqrters, strongly condemned the kidnap and rape of a minor girl on June 1 at Parbung village under Tipaimukh Sub Division of Pherzawl district and fervently appealed to all that such unforgivable and heinous crime shall not occur again.

The organisation demanded that justice be delivered and appropriate rehabilitation to be provided for victim at the earliest, and appealed the authorities concerned to take necessary steps for speedy trial of the case and perpetrators to be sentenced according to law of the land so that such barbaric act is not repeated in future, said a release.

It is very unfortunate to observe that law and order maintaining authorities have not stationed within the district for public safety and demand the authorities concerned to stationed sufficient number of police forces in Pherzawl district, it said.

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