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Missionary Day hmangnain Blood Donation Camp

Friday, April 27, 2018

/ Posted by Unknown
CCPUR, April 27, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Hungtlung ding May 7, 2018 (Thawtanni) zing dar 11:00 AM hin Southern Manipur-a Chanchintha lutna ni, 'Missionary Day' hmangna le inzawmin Youth Department, Evangelical Congregational Church of India (ECCI) chun Churachandpur District Hospital-ah 'Blood Donation Camp' huoihawt a tih. Krista thisen zara mihriem han chatuon damna ei chang ang bawkin, ei thisen hlutakin midang hringna a sanhim thei a, chatuon hringna chen an neina ding chance a pek thei bawk leiin, Blood Donation Camp thupui chu 'Gift the Gift of Life' ti a nih. ECCI hi Kohran 6, ECA, ESC, EOC, EAC, BBEC le EUC inzawm khawm, May 7, 2018 a chanchintha a hung luta inthawka Kohran la fe zawm pei a nih. Blood Donation Camp a hin a nuom taphawt thang a, mihriem hringna (thlarau le taksa-ah) sanhimtu ni dinga thisen donate ve dingin ECCI Youth Department thuoitu han an fiel.

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