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1st Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Air Rifle Shooting Competition 2018 nei

Saturday, April 28, 2018

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPUR, April 28, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Hmar Martyrs' hai hrietzingna ni May 16 inserna ding le inzawma Manipur State Level a 1st Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Air Rifle Shooting Competition 2018 chu April 28, 2018 sun khan Pherzawl District Rifle Association (PDRA) Under Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Organizing Board (HMARTOB) huoihawtna hnuoiah For One Life, Community Life Centre, Saikot, CCPur, Manipur hmun ah nei a nih.

Hi hun a hin Chief Guest in Pu Lalhrillien MDC, Saikot le Guest of Honour in Pu H. Balram Singh MPS SP, Pherzawl, Manipur hai an ṭhang a, an thuhrilna haia chun hieng anga vate le ramsa silai a kap nilo a, mi tam tak talent chosuokna dinga silai kap huoihawt theia a um chu ṭha an ti hle thu hai an hril.

Hi Manipur State Level a 1st Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Air Rifle Shooting Competition 2018 lawmman hai hi May 16 Hmar Martyrs' Day inserna le The 15th Manipur State Level Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Grand Final, Saikot Playground, CCPur ah a dawngtu ding hai kuomah inhlan ning a tih.

Competition Results: 20 Metres:
1st Prize Master Darchawisang of Khawpuibung.
2nd Prize Mr. Lalremsang of Saidan.

40 Metres:
1st Prize Mr. Lalremthar of Tuiring. 2nd Prize Mr. Ivan D. Sinate of Sielmat.

60 Metres:
1st Prize Mr. John Laltanlien of Saikot.
2nd Prize Mrs. Sangte Hrangchal of Sielmat.

70 Metres:
1st Prize Mr. Robinson Pulamte of Imphal.
2nd Prize Mr. Fimneilal of Rengkai. 3rd Mr. Ivan D. Sinate of Sielmat.

Opening Program hmangna hun ah Conductor in Pu Robert Infimate a ṭhang a, Opening Prayer Rev. Joseph R. Joute, Director, For One Life Asia in a nei zoin Opening of the Shooting Competition Chief Guest in a nei a, Short Speech Pu LV Hmar Chairman, HMARTOB le Speech Guest of Honour le Chief Guest haia inthawk ngaithlak a ni zoin Closing Prayer Pu Lalnghaklien Khawbung in a nei zoin Competition hi ṭan a nih.

20 Metres Category a 1st Prize dawngtu Master Darchawisang S/o Mr. Hmangaizuol of Khawpuibung hi kum 12 mi chau a la nih a. Ama hi Guests le mihai lawm a hlaw hle a, a Prize dawng neka tam ding lawmpuina/lawmna thilpek sumfai a dawng a nih. Huoihawttu hai chun hi hlawtlingna dinga sponsor, co-sponsor le hmalatu hai popo kuomah lawmthu an hril.
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