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Parbung ah The 69th Republic Day ursun takin inser

Saturday, January 27, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Parbung, Jan. 27, 2018, Virthli (ONP):  January 26, 2018 zing dar 9:00AM khan Parbungah The 69th Republic Day ursun takin inser a nih. Hi huna hin Pu A. Biren Singh, SDO/BDO Tipaimukh   chu khuollien in a thang a, India Flag keipharna le Republic Day Message hrilna hun a hmang a, Jubilee Standard School ha'n National Anthem sakna an nei a, mi thenkhat hai kuomah khuollien in chawimawina thilpek inhlanna a nei. Parbung Sieli Association (PSA) han Khuollien chawimawina thilpek inhlanna an nei ve.

Hi hunser hi Parbung khawtlang thuoitu- VA, SDO Staff, Parbung Higher Sec. School staff, Medical Staff, HWA, HSA, HYA han an uop a, Virthli Photographer khawma a uop ve. Republic day hunser hi Parbunga 33 AR hai khawma ursun takin an lo inser ve a nih. Republic Day hmang a ni zovin 33 AR hai camp ah Volleyball-a inruolsiekna nei a nih. Hi inruolsiekna a hin 33 AR hai chun a hrattak nina an chang.

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