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Good News Bible College in Dr. Chalton Lien Amo Honorary Doctorate Degree a'nhlan

Sunday, January 14, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
IMPHAL, Jan. 14, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Dr. Chalton Lien Amo, MLA, Tipaimukh A/C chu Jan. 14, 2018 zing dar 7:30AM khan Tangkhul Baptist Church, Lamphel, Imphal hmuna Good News Bible College (GNBC), Imphal in 7th Graduation and Conferring Of Honorary Doctorate Degree Service an neina huna chun 'Honorary Doctorate Degree for Lifetime Achievement and Peace Maker' a'nhlan. Hi hun a hin hi Bible College a'nthawkin Master of Divinity (M. Div.) mi 5 le Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) mi 7 graduate an um a, Conferral of Degree & Commissioning Prayer Rev. Wilson Telen, Principal, GNBC in a nei a, Rev. David Todd Pyne in Pathien thucha hrilna le infuina thucha hrilin Rev. Dr. Rejoy Chothe Lecturer, GNBC in hi hun hi a keiṭhuoi a nih.

Dr. Amo Honorary Doctorate Degree inhlana a um ang hi GNBC chun Manipur mi pakhat dang tuta hma khan Manipur CM hlui le India rama khawm Politician inlar le mi tam tak ngaisang MP (Rajya Sabha le Lok Shaba) khawm lo ni tah hlak famtah Pu Rishang Keishing kha an  lo inhlan tah a. Anni pahni ti lo chu Manipur State puotieng mi pakhat an lo inhlan tah bawk. Dr. Amo in hieng ang a dawng thei nasan chu a hringnun a kawng tum tum haia a sinthaw ṭhat lei, Politics, Sakhuona le hnam le hnam buoina sukrena ding le inremna a um theina dinga a sinthaw ṭhat leia Honorary Doctorate Degree hi inhlan a hung um a ni thu le hieng ang a dawngna ding hin Search Committee in chipchier taka an thlang le Pathien kuoma khawm ṭawngṭaina leh inthuoa ama an thlang dawk le an inhlan a ni thu hi Honorary Doctorate Degree inhlantu hai chun an hril. Dr. Amo chun hi leh inzawma ei inpawlpuina hun a chun hieng ang dawng dinga phu naw an ti hle thu hrilin lawmum le ropui a ti thu a hril a, Pathien zar lieu lieu a nih tiin a hril.

Tuhin Honorary Doctorate Degree inhlana a um leh hin Doctor double a hung ni tah a nih. Dr. Amo hi Medical Graduate (MBBS) niin Medical Practitioner khawm a lo ni tah a. Kum 1995 ainthawk khan politics lut chilin Manipur a MLA dingin 55- Tipaimukh (ST) A/C a'nthawk INC Ticket in (6th Assembly) 1995 khan tlangtling a hung ni ṭan a, 1995-1997, 2002-2007, 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2004-2006, 2006-2007, 2012-2017, 2012-2017 le 2017- tuhin MLA, Tipaimukh A/C dinga thlangtling niin nina dang dang, pawimaw tak tak a lo chel tah hlak a, Pathien ram le Kohran tum tum a hai khawm thei ang ang a rawngbawl hlak a ni bawk.

A Biodata (As on Jan. 1, 2018) lakkhawm le laktawi chu hieng ang hi a nih.

(As on January 1, 2018) 

1. Name: Dr. Chalton lien Amo
2. Father's name: (L) D.R. Thuoma
3. Address
i) Permanent: Patpuihmun, Vangai Range Sub-Div., Pherzawl dist,
ii) Present: Qtr.No. 2NII-CP, Lamphel, Imphal 795004
4. Date of birth: 1st March, 1955
5. Educational Qualification: Medical Graduate (MBBS)
6. Marital status: Married
7. Spouse name: Mrs. Lalramsang Amo
8. No. of children: 2 (two) sons and I (one) daughter
9. Profession: Medical practitioner/Social worker
10. Community: Hmar (Scheduled Tribe)
II. Nationality: Indian
12. Hobby: Public Service

I. Legislative Records:   

Year | Particulars | Remarks
1995 | Elected as MLA from 55-Tipaimukh (ST) A/C | INC Ticket (6th Assembly)
1995-1997 | Minister of State (Independent Charge) | Health Minister
2002-2007 | Re-elected as MLA from 55-Tipaimukh (ST)A/C | INC Ticket (8th Assembly)
2002-2003 | Minister of Sate (Independent Charge) | Health Minister
2003-2004 | Cabinet Minister | Health Minister
2004- 2006 | MLA. Dy. Chairman. SPB. Manipur | State Planning
2006-2007 | MLA, Chairman. MTDC | Manipur Tribal Dev. Corp.
2012- 2017 | Re-elected as MLA (10th Assembly) | INC Ticket
2012-2017 | Chairman, Hill Areas Commtt. 10th Leg. Assembly. | Constitutional post
2017 - | Re-elected as MLA (11th Assembly) | INC Ticket

II. Political Records:  
Year | Particulars | Remarks
1994 | Active Member, Tipaimukh BCC | Elected
1997 till 2017 | MLA. Member, MPCC (INC) | Elected
1997 - 2000 | MLA, AICC Member | Elected
1998 - 2005 | MLA, General Secretary, MPCC i/c Youth Congress- (8 years)
2005- 2010 | MLA, Member, AICC Elected - (5 years)
2011- 2015 | MLA.Member, Disciplinary A/Commtt. MPCC Appointed - (5 years)
2005 - 2016 | MLA. Vice-President, MPCC (10 Yrs) i/c Orgn. (Hill). Dist. Council

III. Political Participation:  
Year | Particulars | Remarks
1)Attended AICC Plenary Sessions at different places/states in India. | As MCC Member, MPCC Gen. Secy. & Vice-President
2) Attended International Conferences abroad-Melbourne, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Barcelona | As Health Minister

IV.Participation in the Negotiation for Peace & Communal Harmony:

Naga-Kuki ethnic clashes: Once there was misunderstanding between the brethren Nagas and Kukis which flared up into violence, armed clashes, burning of houses both sides. Thousands lost their lives and several thousands fled their homes which were burnt down. In this connection, Rev. H. Chungthang Thiek, Secretary, EFI (N.E.) stepped in and organized "CONFERENCE ON PEACE AND RECONCILIATION" at the MBC Church, Imphal during 9— 11th February, 1996. As a neutral and non-Naga and non-Kuki Christian Minister, I was invited to be the Speaker for Sunday morning on 11' February 1996. On that same Sunday evening I also hosted "AGAPE FEAST" for the participants in the peace process. From this day onwards, peace and tranquility was prevailed and till date no such major undesirable incident has further occurs between the two groups. It was a Turning point in restoring permanent peace and harmony

Zomi-Kuki(ZRA-KNF) ethnic clashes:  In 1997, serious ethnic clash broke out between the Paites- ZRA(Zomi Revolutionary Army) and the Kukis -KNF (Kuki National Front). Thousands fled from their homes. Thousand houses were burnt down. Several lives were lost. I took vigorous steps to subside the violence and find the path for peaceful conclusion. I invited all the leaders of the different communities in Churachandpur. We made efforts together urgently and formed a PEACE MISSION which was known as "DR. CHALTON'S PEACE MISSION". Through the endeavor of the said peace mission, the warring groups- the ZRA and the KNF leaders came to terms and signed CEASE-FIRE AGREEMENT on 11-8-1997. Appreciation Letters to Dr. Chalton were received from His Excellency, the Governor of Manipur Shri. O.N.Shrivastava and also from numbers of various political and Church leaders.

Hmar-Dimasa ethnic clashes : In the year 2003, ethnic clash flared up between the Hmars and the Dimasas in N.C. Hills, Assam. Many innocent lives lost, houses burnt down, thousands fled their homes and were rendered homeless. To pave way for peace and harmony, I, as a Minister and Leader of the Hmars, met and discussed several times with the Deputy Prime Minister of India, In-charge of Home Shri L. K. Advani, Union Minister of State for Home Shri I. D. Swami, Assam Chief Minister Shri Tarun Gogoi, Dimasa leader Shri G.C. Langthasa, Minister (Assam). Shri I.D Swami also personally came and visited the displaced camps at Cachar. Ultimately through the involvement of the Church leaders and the steps taken together, peace was restored between the two ethnic groups.

Fighting against HIV/AIDS: MANIPUR STATE AIDS POLICY, which was the first of its kind in the country, was formed and adopted by the Government of Manipur in October 1996 during my tenure as Health Minister. I introduced, propagated and delivered speech about AIDS Policy in the National Conferences on AIDS held in Delhi and also abroad like Melbourne (Australia), Bangkok and Chiangmai in Thailand and Barcelona(Spain) on International Conference.

V.Participation and Experiences in the Field of Religion: 

1. Participated in the Pre-Centenary celebration of Christianity in 1995 at Sorbung, Ukhrul. Addressed the congregation of thousands of people.
2. I have Inaugurated the Khoirentak Khopui New Church building in 23-12-1995 in which Rev.Sumkholen Serto dedicated the church building to the Lord, Almighty God.
3. Participated in the Centenary celebration organized by MBC at Imphal in 1996.
4. Participated in the "REVIVAL CRUSADE" at Parbung Village organized by Rev.H.Chungthang Thiek, Secretary, EFI (NE) which was attended by more than 700 campers/youths for 4(four) days and I extended all possible assistance in cash and in kind (1996).
5. During 31' Oct. — 3rd Nov, 2002 the Secretary of EFI organized another Revival Crusade with the Theme "Come Let Us Return To The Lord...". I addressed the gathering of thousands of people. I also hosted a Grand Feast for the congregation.
6. In December 2009-Visited Tripura and met more than 20 Missionaries who were working among the new and non believers. I addressed the Women Field Conference-cum-Missionary Field conference at Ujon Fatig Charrah. Again, during 13th - 14th May, 2013, Christian Youth Festival was organized at Mahis Mara, Tripura West and I graced the Conference as Chief guest.
7. Participated in the Centenary celebration of Christianity in 2010 jointly organized by different churches (ICI, EFCI, EAC, AG, RPC, WMC etc.) at different churches vis Sielmat, Patpuihmun, Senvon, Saikot, Rengkai etc.(2010)
8. Conducted and sponsored the first ever Hmar Holy Bible writing competition-2010 with cash prizes along with Certificate & Mementos for Ist, 2nd and 3rd winners respectively in connection with the Centenary celebration.
9. Contributed for the construction of one Church building for the victimized Christians in Odisha through the ICI Church (2010).
10. As Chairman of the Manipur Hill Areas Committee (HAC), organized Advent Christmas Programs in the campus of Chief Minister's Bungalow in Dec. 2012 and Dec. 2013 exclusively for the Ministers and the MLAs. Miss O.Rini, daughter of the Chief Minister also shared her Testimony. We happily took and shared together the Christmas Feasts. The aim and objective is — To reach the Gospel to the Non-Christian MLAs & Ministers).
11. I was invited to participate in the Dedication and Inaugural Function of the Church at Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom by the "Pray for the World Ministry" in the month of Sept. 2013, and also attended different churches during the short period of my stay in UK. Youths were hardly seen in the churches except the people appearing to be all above 70 years of age. But what I admire is the honesty and truthfulness of the people in general.
12. Participated as the Speaker in the Meitei Pastors' Seminar at Airport road, Imphal which was blessed by God, the Almighty (2014). 13. Awarded Life Time Service Award by the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), NE at Guwahati on the 6th November, 2014. I addressed the congregation.
14. I was invited to grace the Convocation ceremony of the newly graduated Bible College students (M.Th. and B.Th.) of The Good News Bible College, Imphal held at MBC Church, Imphal. I addressed the congregation.
15. Awarded Glory of India Award for Outstanding Services and Achievements at Bangkok on 2015.
16. Supported 3(three) Missionaries at the Mission Field at Tripura through Independent Church of India (ICI).
17. I was invited to grace the Senpangjar Baptist Church Centenary Celebration Programme on the 9-10th January, 2016 and addressed the gathering.

1) Medical Officer 12 yrs. (Govt.of Manipur). Resigned & joined INC in 1994.
2) Member, Advisory Committee, Telephone/Telecom, Imphal Ministry of Comm. & IT, New Delhi. (2010-2011& 2013).
3)Attended Conferences at different levels i.e. State level, National level and International level number of times.
4) Member, Adimjati Shiksha Ashram, Manipur (2003 —` 17)
5) Vice-Chairman, -do- (2017- till date)
6) President, Hmar National Union (HNU) - 1994 till date. (Elected 5 times)

VII. Traveled Abroad: 
Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Nepal, Myanmar, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, France, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong & United Kingdom (Wales, England, & Scotland).

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