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Guwahati a Sikpui Ruoi Cum General Election ropui taka hmang a nih

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Guwahati, December 06, 2017, Virthli (ONP): Guwahatia Hmarnau um khawm hai chun zani Dec 5, 2017 khan Sikpui Ruoi cum General Election, NEZCC, Shilpgram Panjabari, Guwahati hmnah ropui takin an hmang a nih. Hi hun hi session 2 a the ani a, Session khatna chu hieng anga hmang a nih. Comperes Pu Dewitz Thiek le Dr. Phoibi Tuolor in hnesaw takin an keihruoia, Opening song “Dar Ang Lengna” mipuiin an sak zo in Programme tan nghal a nih.

Hun hawngna tawngtaina Rev. Dr. HM Songate in anei a, Welcome Address Pu James L. Neingaite, Chariman, SOC HWSG in anei zoin Sikpui hawngna Sikpui Pa Pu Lalzuithang Hrangate in a nei a nih. HSA Cultural Troupe Guwahati in hnamlam in entirna an nei a, Speech Pu Thanghlun Hmar, Chairman, HWSG in anei zawm nghal a nih.

Felicitation Of Blood Donors 2017 chu Pu Joshua Neitham, Coordinator BDC in a nei a, Secretarial Report Pu Lalremthang Khawzawl, Secretary, HWSG in anei a, chu zova Kum 2018-2019 sunga Chairman le Secretary,  Presiding Officer Pastor Lalmuongthang Thiek keihruoina hnuoia thlangna nei ani a, thlangtlinga um hai chu Chairman dingin Pu Thanghlun hmar , Secretary dingin Pu Joshua Neitham hai an nih.

First Session kharna le ruoi inhlanna Pastor Vanlalsangin anei zoin mipuiin ruoi inhnik tak an kiltlang a nih.

2nd Session Pu Dewitz le Nk. Eunicky Lungtau in keihruoi nawkin programme tan nawk ani a, hi huna hin 2018-2019 sunga Hmar Welfare Executive member ding mipui in an vote chu result puong nawk ani a, Kum 2018-2019 sunga Hmar Welfare thuoitu ding hai chu hieng hai hi an nih,

Chairman :Pu Thanghlun hmar ,
Secretary: Pu Joshua Neitham
Executive Member: CS Daniel, Solomon Hmar, Lalremthang Khawzawl, Dewits T Thiek, Pu Lalzuithang Hrangate, James Songate.

Programme karlaka Guest Artiste Sinlung Express band le Local Artiste han mipui fe khawm
hai zaihlan an inawi ran a, chun Mr. and Miss Sikpuiruoi Pu Lalzuithang Hrangate le Pu Lalremthang han thlang dawkna an nei bawk a nih, Mr Sikpuiruoi 2017 dingin Mr. Albert Hmar thlang ani a, Miss dingin Nk. Merilyn Darngawn thlang ani bawk a nih. Programme dang hai chu Hlaruoi a hmang ani a taa, Sinlung Express, Local Artiste han mipui fekhawm hai dit khawp naw takin a tawp chen an inawi a nih. Vote of thanks Tv. Eric ralsun, Secretary, SOC HWSG in hrilna anei a, hunkharna Upa Lalmalsawm Hmar in anei zoin mipui in the a nih.

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