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HMARTOB 2017 Audit Report, an term 2018 chen keisei: May 16 Hmar Martyrs' Day Calendar a suklang dingin ngen le inhriettir

Monday, September 4, 2017

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CCPUR, September 4, 2017, Virthli (ONP): Hmar Inpui (Hmar Supreme House), Gen. Hqrs. hrietpui le a hnuoia indin Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Organising Board (HMARTOB) chun tukum The 14th Manipur State Level Hmar Martyrs' Trophy le May 16 - Hmar Martyrs' Day huoihawtna le inzawma sum hmuna le hmangna hai an sukfel tah a. Hieng ang hin AUDIT STATEMENT – 2017 mipui hriet dingin an pek.
(1). Pasaltha Ralna Account:
(i) 17 Villages inthawka hmu = Rs 1,47,115.00,
(ii) Hmang po po = Rs. 1,41,755.00,
(iii) Balance = Rs. 5,360.00.
Hi Balance = Rs. 5,360.00 hi Main Account (Commissioners A/C) a submit a nih.

(2). 2017 HMARTOB Audit Note (Commissioner’s Account) in a tarlang dan chun Received:
(1) Entry fee from 33 Clubs = Rs. 1,32,000.00,
(2) Gift  = Rs. 3,47,000.00,
(3) Donation = Rs. 2,15,630.00,
(4) Ticket sale for seat = Rs. 46,929.00,
(5) Pasaltha ralna balance = Rs. 3,560.00,
(6) Others = Rs. 3,70,889.00,
Total = Rs. 8,05,508.00 niin Expenses = Rs. 7,28,999.00 le Closing Balance = Rs. 76,509.00 a nih.

Hieng anga Balance nei theia a um hi Organising Board HMARTOB le HI, GHQ a lawm hle. Auditor in Hmar Inpui GHQ i ruot le a Auditor hai hmang an nih. Chuong hai chu Mr. F. Doliensung, Mr. Laltlanlien le Mr. Lalhmingmak Joute an nih.

Chun, Aug. 26, 2017 ni a Hmar Inpui, GHQ Executive Meeting Resolution dungzuiin HMARTOB hai term chu Hmar Inpui Inawpdan (Constitution) Article 12- Section VII Clause IV-na dung zuia an term kum 2017-2018 chen a dinga keisei a nih thu hrilin, Kum 28 lai khawvela Hmar ha'n an lo inser tah May !6 Hmar Martyrs' Day chu Calendar ah suklang dingin Calendar siemtu, Hmar hnam tadinga hringna inhlantuhai ngaina le ditsaktu taphawthai kuomah LRS Puruolte Jt. Secy., (Info. & Media) Hmar Inpui GHQ chun ngenna le inhriettirna a siem nawn bawk.

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