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Ankhansuo a thiltlung le inzawma HPC - D Thupuong

Thursday, June 22, 2017

/ Published by VIRTHLI

Government of Hmarram
Hmar People's Convention (Democratic)
Motto: Serve the Nation
General Headquarters: Sinlung

Dt. 20/06/2017 zana Ankhasuo (Sibapurikhal), Manipur-a thil ditum lo tak, Health Department-hai chunga tlungkha, HPC(D) chun pawi a ti in a dem takzet a, hieng ang thil ditumlo thawtu HPC(D) Caders 1. Tlana, Tuisen; 2. Puia Hmuia Veng, Churachandpur; 3. Rochang, Upper Tuisuolien le 4. Chalte, K, Bethel hai chungah Party chun Party dân ngirlai angin Action a lak tah ti mipui hrieta kan puong.

Mipui Tukhawm chiai lo ding le ei ramsunga sinthawhai sukthlabar zawng amanih an himna sukderthawng zawnga hma la lo dingin ei in ngen anih.

(K. Lalneilien)
PRO, HPC(D) - Vangai Range

Dated: Sinlung
22 June 2017

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