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Pherzawl District thar le inzawma Hmar Inpui thusuok

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI


14th December 2016

The creation of 7 new districts in Manipur vide Order No. 25/6/2010-IAS/DP, 8th December 2016 issued by Office of the Governor, Government of Manipur and the same published in Manipur Gazette (Extraordinary), No. 16/20/2016-R, 8th December 2016 is, no doubt, met with mixed response by the people of Manipur. While some section of the people view the order with apprehension and in some areas, even with hostility, the Hmar Inpui, on behalf of its people, have nothing but appreciation and rejuvenated hopes at the creation of Pherzawl district. We convey our profoundest gratitude to members of Pherzawl District Demand Committee- both past and present, Shri Okram Ibobi, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Manipur and Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Hon’ble Chairman of Hill Area Committee, Government of Manipur and Member of Legislative Assembly, Tipaimukh A/C and all those who have been instrumental.

The Hmar Inpui is confident that this step will be a harbinger of a brighter future in all walks of life; a catalyst for a more vibrant, encouraged, participative and active populace. While pained and hurt at the anathema and reluctance of certain communities to be a part of the new district for reasons best known to them, it is the fervent hope of the Hmar Inpui that the diverse communities of Pherzawl district come together to set a standard in tribal unity, peaceful co-existence and collaboration; to set an example of a harmonic humanity that most tribals in Manipur and elsewhere are yearning for. For this, the Hmar Inpui pledges our full collective support and assistance and urges all so that Pherzawl district is a haven for all- irrespective of tribe, community or religion.

General Secretary

General President.

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