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Hmar tlangval David Keivom President, NCHISF in thuhrilna a nei ve

Sunday, October 23, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Guwahati/CCPur, Oct. 23, 2016; Virthli (ONP): NC Hills, Assam a Indigenous Students' Front (NCHISF) hotulien, Hmar tlangval David Keivom President, NCHISF chun NCHISF aiawin All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) in Assam rama Citizenship Act Amendment Bill le inzawma General/Public Meeting pawimaw tak el Rabindra Bhawan Auditorium, Ambari, Guwahati hmuna an huoihawtna huna thuhrilna a nei ve. A thuhrilna huna chun hieng thuhai hi a hril. Oppose tlat ding chun Assam ram mi indigenous people hai thang tlanga fight tak tak a ngai ding thu, N.C Hills a ISF hnuoia tlangmi hnam 9 inzawmkhawm khawma hi thil thu a hin a tul nana in lo thlawp ve zing kan tih. Keini khawm Assam ram mi indik tak kan ni ve a, a state tawng ruok chu 95% in kan hriet nawh. Hi lei hin midang anga mi enna in nei hi suk tawp ei tiu, chun a state tawng kan hriet naw hi nangni lei a nih. Assamese tawng promote dan ding Haflong ah hung ngaituo ro, chun mi'n chuktir chu nangni sin a nih tiin a hril a. Kut an ben dur dur a nih. Ama tilo chun Assamese in thu an hril vawng a nih. NCHISF a hin hnam tum tum hieng - Hmar, Jeme, Kuki, Biate, Vaiphei, Hrangkhawl, Rongmei, Karbi, Khasi, Non tribal Nepali le Bengali hai an thang a nih.

David Keivom hih HSA Joint Headquarter, Guwahati ah 2011-2013 sung khan President a ni a, President a ni lai zing hin Hmar Inpui le HSA, N.C Hills & Karbi Anglong Joint Headquarter haiin ISF President dingin an dit leiin an ko a, a hung tling ta ngei a, tuhin President, HCHISF sin ringum tak le inpezo takin a chel tah a nih. Ama hi a pum le kum en chun naupang khawm sawn thei a nih. Taksa kum ah naupang sienla khawm a lungril le an pekna chu a naupang naw hle. Hun remchang ah interview ei la thaw ding a nih. -LRS Puruolte | Virthli

Hi thu le inzawma thu umdan hrie nuom hai chun English khawma tiem zawm thei a nih:

Guwahati/Haflong/CCPur, Oct. 22, 2016; Virthli (ONP): Unequivocal protest was registered against the Citizenship Act Amendment Bill by the representatives of cross sections of society, including the indigenous ethnic and students’ groups, literary bodies and prominent citizens in a public meeting – called ‘Raij Mel,’ organised by the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) here today.

The participants at the ‘Raij Mel’ expressed grave concern over the possible impact of granting citizenship to the post-1971 Hindu migrants from Bangladesh on the demography, economy and society of Assam, and warned the Sarbananda Sonowal-led State Government not to deviate from its pledge of making Assam free of illegal migrants, irrespective of their religion.

It was resolved in the public meeting to simultaneously continue discussion and united public movement against the Bill to amend the Citizenship Act, with participation of all the stakeholders.

Eminent public activists and representatives of the indigenous organisations were unanimous in opining that the passing of the Bill would not just affect the existence and supremacy of the indigenous peoples in Assam, but would also damage the social and communal harmony in the State.
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