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Tribal area a Congress party boycott ding le thudang dang an rel

Thursday, July 21, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Imphal, July 21, 2016, Virthli: Vawisun khan Haokip Veng, Imphal hmuna JACAATB le OMTF hai chun joint meeting neiin hi huna ro iemanizat an passed. An rorel thenkhat hai chu anhma tienga Manipur Governor inhmupui, Union Minister/Center Government inhmupui, Bill thua buoina 11th August, 2016 hma ngeia sukfel dingin central hril ding, Tribal MLAs le tribal MP hai boycottna sukdet, tribal areas haia Congress party band, an office hai khar ding,mimal le pawl anni hai thangpui zawga hmalak hai chu anti-tribal a puongkhum, central sawrkar nasa nawk zuola nawr ding, Consultation le awareness campaign hai nei ding, 31st August kumtin chu “TRIBAL UNITY DAY” a inser ding ti hai a nih.
Proceeding and Resolution of Joint Meeting JACAATB and OMTF.
Ref. No. .................................. Date 18/07/2016

Place : Haokip Veng, Imphal
Time : 01:30 PM.

1. Meet the Governor of Manipur.
2. Meet the Union Minister/Center Government.
3. Re-affirmation of boycott to tribal MLAs and lone tribal MP of Manipur.
4. Boycott and band of Congress party in all tribal areas of Manipur.
5. Pressurise the center government.
6. Consultation and awareness campaign.
7. 31st August to be observed as?
Pu Dr. R. Sanga dedicate the meeting to the Lord in prayer, the meeting began.

Chairman Pu Gaidon Kamei, President UNC highlighting the agendas and open the session for discussion. After deliberate discussion on the agendas the member present unanimously resolved as follows.

Resolution No. 1. That, the Governor of Manipur is to be met at the earliest possible date. The meeting also requested the chairman, Pu Gaidon Kamei to seek appointment with the Governor office. The meeting further resolved that a memorandum/representation be submitted with regards to 2 (two) of the 3 (three) infamous anti tribal bills passed by the Manipur Lagislative Assembly on the 31st August, 2015, that are under examination by an expert and the 9 (nine) tribal martyrs at the Churachandpur District Hospital Morque who await justice and their last rites. Pu Tongmang Haokip and Pu Dr. R. Sanga are hereby entrusted to draft the memorandum/representation.

Resolution No. 2. That, a joint delegation of OMTF and JACAATB, after meeting the Governor of Manipur will go to Delhi to apprise the situation to the Union Minister(s) and the Center Government.
Resolution No. 3. That, the joint meeting resolved to re-affirm the boycott of all tribal MLAs and the lone tribal MP of Manipur who fail to hear the cry of their people (whom they represent) with regards to the infamous 3 anti tribal bills passed by the communal anti tribal Government of Manipur at the Manipur Legislative Assembly on the 31st August, 2015. Their boycott still stand and they are band to have any activities or movement in the tribal areas of Manipur, if they do so the OMTF and JACAATB will not be responsible for any untowards and unwanted incident. Any individual or organisation who aid/cooperate/stand with them will be branded as anti-tribal and shall be at their own risk.

Resolution No. 4. That, the congress party being the sole responsible, who drafted and introduced the infamous 3 anti tribal bills and passed it at the Manipur Legislative Assembly on the 31st August, 2015. The joint meeting hereby resolved to boycott the congress party in all tribal areas of Manipur. They are not allow to have any activities in all tribal areas and their office shall be lockdown with immediate effect. Any political parties, whether national or regional who work against the interest of the tribal will meet the same fate as that of the congress party. Congress party is hereby band in all tribal areas with effect from today, i.e. 18th July, 2016.

Resolution No. 5. That, with 2 (two) of the 3 (three) infamous anti tribal bills and the 9 (nine) tribal martyrs who await justice and their last rites at the Churachandpur District Hospital Morgue still un-resolved till today. The OMTF and JACAATB appeal to the Government of India to resolved the issue on or before the 11th August, 2016. Failure on their part the OMTF and JACAATB will be compelled to start democratic form of agitation including abstain/boycott of the 15th August, 2016, 69 Indian Independent Day celebration.

Resolution No. 6. That, the joint meeting realised the need for a separate political entities for the tribals of Manipur. Therefore resolved to call a wider consultation and awareness campaign at the earliest possible.

Resolution No. 7. That, the joint meeting resolved to observed 31st August every year as the “TRIBAL UNITY DAY” in Manipur.
The member present convey its gratitude to Pu Tongmang Haokip who hosted today’s meeting. Next meeting is to be hosted by Pu Joseph Lalrothang, President Hmar Inpui, at his Residence, Edenthar, Rengkai.

Pu Tongmang Haokip, Adviser Thadou Inpi close the meeting by giving thanks to the Lord.


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