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CPMTR ~ Appreciation

Friday, June 10, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Office of the Committee for Protection of Manipur Tribals' Right, Pune 

Against Anti - Tribal Bills 

Date. 10 June 2016 

We the Tribal Students' bodies Pune under the banner of Committee for Protection of Manipur Tribals' Right (CPMTR), Pune would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Manipur Tribal Forum Delhi (MTFD) and JAC (Against Anti-Tribal Bills) for their enduring agitation against the 3 Anti-Tribal bills which was passed by Manipur Assembly on Aug. 31. 2015. Also to various Students' Organisations, Women Associations, Chiefs and the general public for the untiring support of the movement. There have been numbers of chaotic events during the agitation which at time strengthen us and at time weaken our movement.

Despite of all the hardship, today we could see the result in our fingertips which give us momentary comfort to our souls. As the 3 Bill were re-examine by Legal and constitutional experts of India, it's our hope that these controversial bills will never be amended or spoken again in future.

Also, we strongly condemned the unprecedented use of coercion force against the peaceful and unarmed tribal protesters, wherein several tribal students' were assaulted, lathi charge and detain by Delhi Police and Manipur Rifles personnel posted at Manipur Bhavan, New Delhi. Detention of 60 individuals including 12 women in police custody more than 12 hours for no good reason is inhumane, such barbaric act towards the innocent civilians is unexpected in the Capital of democratic country.

Going forward with the slogan "Together we can achieved" the CPMTR, Pune will always stand against the controversial bills and render supports to JAC (Against Anti-Tribal Bills) and MTFD in the days to come.

Lulun Chongloi

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