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Hmar tawng ngirhmun ding le inzawmin One Day Seminar nei

Monday, March 28, 2016

/ Posted by Unknown
Imphal, March 28, 2016 (Virthli): HSA DM College Unit, Imphal, Manipur hai huoihawtna hnuoiah One Day Seminar on Future of Hmar Language (Nakie tienga Hmar tawng ngirhmun ding) ti thupui hmangin Hmar Community Hall, Lamphel, Imphal hmunah hmang a nih.

Hi seminar hi Pu Darliensung. Retd. Associate Proffessor Moderate-na hnuoia speaker pathum laizet in paper presentation an nei a nih. Pro. Lal Dena in "Hmatieng peiah Hmar tawng inchuk beiseina a um am? ti thupui hmangin paper a present a, Prof. L. Ruoivel Pangamte in "Nakie tienga Hmar tawng ngirhmun ding" ti a present bakah Pu Rev. Hranghmingthang Varte in nakie tienga Hmar tawng ngirhmun ding ti le inzawmin Hmar hawrawp le lamrik dan hai a present. Presentation hai zo hnung a hin tawng thu le inzawmin hriltlangna hun nei a nih.

Hienghai bak a hin DM College a Hmar MIL hotu la um naw thu, nei dan ding le hlaw pek dan ding hai hriltlang ani bawk a nih.

[Paper present a um hai chu nakie tieng a hran in insuo tum a nih]

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