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VIRTHLI in 6th e-North East Award 2016 a dawng

Friday, February 26, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Shillong, February 26, 2016: The 6th e-North East Award 2016 lawmman semna 'Digital North East for Digital India' ti thupui hmangin North Eastern Council, Conference Hall, Shillong hmuna nei a nia, hi huna hin Northeast sunga Information Communication Technology (ICT) le inzawma kawng dang danga society in a tangkaipui le a hlawkpui thil thaw hai kuomah chawimawina (Award) category 14 ah inhlan a nia; Virthli khawm e-News & Media, Social Media for Empowerment category-ah Winner nina lain Award inhlan ani bakah hmun dang danga Hmar nau umchek hai ta dinga chanchin thedartu thatak anina chu Special Recognition Award inhlan sa ani bawk a nih.
Hi e-North East Award a ding hin Category dang dang ah sawrkar, NGO le private enterprise finalist kai 60 lai an um a. Virthli chu News Network pakhat ang chauh nilova platform tamtak hieng Discussion Forum, Football Club, App Developer le Video Channel hai hmunkhata khaikhawmtu anga ngaiin, Chin-Kuki-Mizo hnam hai laia lienpawl tak le mipui in an hlawkpui le an tangkaipui pawltak nia hril a ni bawk a nih.

Hi lawmman hi Virthli Team members mi 7 hai chun Virthli aiawin an laka, lawmman an lak huna chun hi lawmman lak theia an um hi Virthli ngainatu hai lei liu liu a nih tiin Virthli members hai kuoma an inhlan thu an hril.

Hi huna category dang danga lawmman la ve hai chu:

1. E-Governance & Citizen Services Delivery: Nagaland Police SMS Based Vehicle Monitoring System, Nagaland Police
2. E-Health: ICT Solutions including real tume monitoring using mobile phones to address health systems gaps in Assam, India, UNICEF
3. E-Learning & Education: Design & Delivery of e-Education in Health & Medical Sciences to the Medical Colleges of North East Region [Implemented by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC Noida) & All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS New Delhi)
4. E-Culture & Heritage:, Xondhan, Assam
5. E-Livelihood & Enterprise: iLEAD, Assam
6. E-Commerce & Business: e-ASNES, Assam
7. E-Environment & Tourism: Design and Development of Bioresources Database for Indian region of Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot, Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development, Manipur
8. E-Inclusion: Brahmaputra Community Radio Station,90.4 FM,Assam
9. Mobiles for Social Services Delivery: Online Approvals and Sanctions Information System (OASIS) Mobile Version, NIC, Meghalaya
10. E- News & Media, Social Media for Empowerment: VIRTHLI

Category pali (4) ah lawmman la an um nawh.

e-North East Award hi North Eastern Council (NEC) le NGO lien tak tak hai le inzawma Northeast huopa electronics, Information Communication Technology (ICT) tieng panga hmalatu pakhat, society in a hlawkpui project le ramtin hai thlangdawkin chawimawina hi an hlan hlak a nih. Kumnawk hi Award semna hi Agartala khawpuia um dinga ring a nih.

(Thlalak dang hai le video chu nakie hung upload ning a tih.)
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