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Celebration of Rev. Dr. Rochunga Pudaite's Extraordinary Life huna Rev. Lalrosiem Songate thuhril

Monday, October 19, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
If I were to give a title to my talk, it would be, "Dr. Rochunga Pudaite- from the perspective of a typical Northeast Indian Hmar man".  I am so thankful that I and my family could be a part of this glorious celebration. I also want you to understand that I am also with you in your grief over the loss of a husband, a father and a dear friend. I also share in the grief and sorrow of my people in North East India in the loss of such a great Christian leader! The void and emptiness that he left will be felt for a long long time!
Rev. Lalrosiem Songate hai nupa le Rev.Dr. Rochunga Pudaite a nuhmei Dr. Rimawi Pudaite

I am Rev. Lalrosiem Songate from North East India and also belonging to the Hmar tribe, the tribe that were once known for being ferocious headhunters but now have become passionate heart-hunters by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and through the ministry of pioneer leaders like Dr. Rochunga Pudaite.

I am standing here before you representing the thousands (perhaps millions) of people who directly or indirectly benefitted from the life and ministry of Dr. Rochunga Pudaite. I want to thank everyone of you who have gathered here today to show your love and respect for the man who is greatly loved, admired and respected by our people.

Rev. Dr. Rochunga Pudaite is no doubt a man of vision and a man of great caliber. He has a vision for his people in North East India and he also has his vision for the whole world which he pursued through Bibles for the World and I am confident that BFTW will continue to perpetuate his dreams and vision under the able leadership of Rev. John Pudaite!

Rev. Rochunga Pudaite lives in America, but his heart is in India among his people, the poor, the orphans and the millions of people who
are in need to hear the word of God. He did not live in America to enjoy the benefits and comfort of this great country, but he lives here to mobilize and channel resources to help people in need and to bring the word of God to those who have not received. Only eternity will reveal the far-reaching impact of the ministry of this great man of God.

When Dr. Rochunga Pudaite was promoted to glory, the news spread like wild fire over the whole region of North East India! Sadness and sorrow hang over the sky as our people irrespective of tribe and denominational affiliations, struggled to come to terms with the enormity of the loss. All the tribal bodies and philanthropic organizations in the region convened emergency meetings to observe condolences and to pay respect to the departed leader. Facebook feeds and other social media platforms are filled with expression of sorrows over his death and many people take time to write how he has helped them in one way or another.

I’m sure it will be an extra-ordinary sight to see the thousands of people that will be gathering at his funeral in Churachandpur, in North East India, a few days from now, as his mortal remains will be laid to rest. I am thankful to the family for providing our people an opportunity to mourn their great leader during his funeral, to celebrate his achievement in God’s Kingdom and also to pay their last respect to this great man of God. I want to express my heartfelt congratulation to Pi Lalrimawi Pudaite for playing a vital role in the living out of such a fruitful life and for sharing in all the achievements of Dr. Pudaite as his life partner. My heartfelt congratulations also to their off-springs, Paul, John and Mary Pudaite for being raised up by such a great man of God and for the rich and profound legacy he has left to follow and to emulate. But nothing will be comparable to the joy that shall filled Dr. Pudaite’s heart as he steps into the open arms of the Lord in heaven and as God receives him, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter now into the joy of your Lord!” And those of us who are still alive today, may we all be encouraged in our walk of faith by the life of this great man as we look forward to be united with him again in heaven some day.

Until then, God’s peace to you all! Amen!!

[Live a en hman hai ta dingin, hi link a hin en thei ala nih>> ]
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