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Article ziek dinga fielna le ngenna

Monday, October 19, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Hmar Students’ Association (HSA), General Assembly vawi-54na chu Haflong, NC Hills ah in nghat tum a ni a. Hi le inzawm hin HSA, GHQ le HSA, Jt. Hqrs, Aizawl hmalakna in  ‘SINLUNG’  ti hming chawiin ‘Souvenir’ buotsai mek a ni a, inhnikna nei le a nuom ta phawt hai chun Souvenir a inchuon/insuo ding ‘Article’ hung ziek dingin ei infielin iengtik lai khawmin ei lawmlut zing a nih.
Amiroukchu article ziek le submit a umhai chu Editorial Board thuneina ning a ta, a remchang dan angin insuo in insuo naw thei bawk a tih. Article hi section pathum (3) – Hmar, Mizo (Lusei) le English a the a nih.

Article Submit hun: On or before 30 November, 2015
Submit-na ding: /

1. Article ziektu hai hin mani thlalak, contact number le brief profile thawnsa or zieksa bawk ding a nih.
2. Article hi soft copy (computer type set)/ MS word or Pagemaker attach file a thawn ding a nih.
3. Hawrawp (alphabet) hmang dan thu a ruok chu aziektu hmang ang ang le ziek ang anga insuo ning a tih.

Sinlung Editorial Board aiaw in

Henry L Khojol

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