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JAC rejects Magisterial Inquiry DC’s escort vehicle attacked

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCpur, Sep 21: The Magisterial Inquiry instituted by the State Government to establish the facts and circumstances leading to the August 31 incident and its aftermath was today rejected by the JAC, while MH Khan the special Executive Magistrate appointed to conduct the inquiry was sent back by womenfolk.

The Magistrate arrived today at around 9.30 am amidst some womenfolk objecting the reported verbal threat of the Deputy Commissioner earlier in the day to forcefully remove those holding dharnas in front of his gate, had just started gathering at the DC’s gate. He along with the Deputy Commissioner met the JAC leaders and sought their statement and related his intention to hear the public’s grievances.

However he was later forced to turn-back from the DC’s gate as he returned for lunch after visiting some of the representatives’ houses that were burnt down. Womenfolk who are holding dharnas much earlier than the planned timing due to the ruckus at the DC’s residence reportedly stopped him and turned him back after confiscating the Government order for a Magisterial inquiry.

Moments later, the JAC also issued a statement saying the inquiry is not a solution to solve the present issue and declared that it is not accepted by the public at large.

Further the statement said no person, organisation or individual shall give any statement in connection with the magisterial inquiry, adding the general public strongly oppose the spot enquiry conducted by the inquiry team.

Later in the afternoon, womenfolk holding dharnas at the DC’s gate were furious to see the Deputy Commissioner and his escort team trying to leave his residence. They halted him, frisked his vehicle and confiscated a huge cache of personal items from blanket to biscuits. As the DC argued that he was merely trying to drop off his better-half, the womenfolk allowed her to leave but prevented the DC from leaving his quarters.

As information about the DC trying to flee his quarter spread, womenfolk holding dharnas at various localities headed for the DC’s quarters and blocked all roads leading to his residence while several hundred others sat and blocked the entrances demanding his apology.

The infuriated womenfolk inflated the tyres of his escort vehicle that was stuck outside his residence and shortly afterwards smashed the windshield and overturned it. The vehicle was later pushed to a road-side.

It is understood that the DC later apologised in the night after the JAC and tribe leaders’ intervention but it is heard that womenfolk are still planning an overnight protest at his gate.

Source: The Sangai Express
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