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JAC Press Release

Friday, September 4, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
The 4th Sept, 2015

The Joint Action Committee held a special emergency meeting on 4th September 2015 (morning) with the respective victims’ household/family councils which was followed by an Executive Council meeting of the JAC, and hereby reviewed its earlier charter of demands and unanimously adopted the following resolutions:

1. As requested by the victim’s families and desired by the public, the JAC reaffirms the immediate need for a separate political autonomy for the tribals of Manipur. In this regard, the UPF, KNO and other stakeholders are requested to work out an amicable political objective, and the same would be wholeheartedly pursued by all sections of the tribal society, including the JAC.
2. The eight innocent victims are hereby declared as TRIBAL MARTYRS, hence no compensation, ex-gratia or its concomitance assistance from the Government of Manipur will be accepted. Rather, each tribal will make monetary contributions towards the supreme sacrifice made made by eight martyrs.
3. The JAC, henceforth, withdraws the memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur on 3rd September 2015.
4. The JAC commits itself to pursue the cause of the supreme sacrifices by our brethens, and urges each and every tribal to participate in this peoples’ movement for our collective survival.

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