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JAC boycotts tribal MLAs

Sunday, September 13, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
IMPHAL, Sep 12: The Joint Action Committee (JAC) against anti-tribal Bills has announced public boycott on all tribal MLAs who refused ‘to feel the pulse of the tribal populace’ and declined to resign in spite of mounting pressure from the general public.

In a statement issued tonight, the JAC said it resol- ved to boycott the tribal MLAs during an emergency meeting held today.

On Aug 30, ATSUM had appealed to the tribal MLAs to abstain from the special session of the State Assembly where the three ‘anti- tribal’ Bills were intended to be passed. However, the appeal went unheeded.

Tribal apex bodies—KIM, HI, ZC, on Sept 1 gave an ultimatum to the HAC to convene a meeting and take appropriate steps so that the Bills are repealed or an exceptional clause is inserted in the Bills. Again, there is no response, the JAC said.

The JAC on Sept 7 resolved to support the 10 days ultimatum given by the tribal apex bodies and agreed to impose public boycott on all tribal MLAs if no desirable response is received from the HAC by midnight of Sept 10.

The boycott announcement is made after confirming today that none of the tribal MLAs had tendered their resignation, the JAC said.

Source: The Sangai Express
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