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HLS General Body meet le election nei

Friday, August 14, 2015

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CCPUR: August 13, 2015 khan Rengkai Community Hall, Rengkai, CCPur-ah Hmar Literature Society (HLS) Manipur General Body meet-cum-General Election nei a nih.

Session khatna Pu Joseph Lalrothang, Vice Chairman, HLS in inkhawm a keihruoi a, Pu J.C. Chongkholien, Chief of Rengkai in hun a hawng a, Rev. Rosung Sinate in tawngtainain hun a hawng. Hi zo hin Secretary le  Finance Secretary haia inthawk report ngaithlak a ni a; member han Membership chungchang, Awards chungchang le Hmar Literary & Vernacular Committee, Imphal chungthu hai an hriltlang.

Session hnina-ah election nei a ni a, hi huna hin Hmar Christian Leaders’ Forum inrawinain kum 2015-2020 inkar sunga HLS thuoitu ding thlangna  nei a ni a, Executive member ding mi 15 ahnuoi hai hi thlang an nih.

1. Thangsawihmang
2. Darliensung
3. Kiemlo Pulamte
4. H. Zaneisang
5. Ruoivel Pangamte
6. Zosangkim Pudaite
7. Rev. Ros Infimate
8. Rev. Huolthangsei
9. R. Tawna Khawbung
10. S.N. Ngurte
11. Joseph Lalrothang
12. Lienzathang Khawbung
13. Rev. Ruolhlei Pakhuongte
14. Rev. Lalhmuoklien
15. Dr. Lalkhawlien Pulamte

Executive member dinga thlang hai hin August 15, 2015 zingkar khin Office Bearer (OB) ding insiem an tih. (with inputs from HT & Lalhmuok Famhoite​)

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