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Thiemfin ~ Review

Monday, April 6, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
~ Thelma Ramthienghlim

Competitive students with a burning desire to hold the trophy toil during the wee hours for the success of their art. The poets exercised their imaginative faculty, poured out their spontaneous overflow of feelings and emotions wishing that great poets like Shakespeare, Wordsworth and John Keats will be their inspirational muse. Song writers sum up and express their deep inner soulful voice to convey messages through their lyrics. Participants memorized traditional Hmar songs and recited list of names for the quiz. A heavy preparation was going on from all the groups. It was the second `Thiemfin’ (Literary and Art meet) that was held on the 21 of March 2015 at south Delhi. Thiemfin is a special art and literary event carried out under the organization of the HSA Jt .Hqrs Delhi with` `Bridging the Gap’’ as the theme. Thiemfin aims to foster the Hmar vernacular and preserve the rich   cultural heritage of the Hmar Tribe. Thiemfin, being an independent entity doesn’t limit to the scope of vernacular and culture alone rather introduces a platform where the student can reproduce their art and literary works as a whole. It also serves as a detector of hidden talents besides developing the personality and expanding the intellectual capability of the young minds.

 The HSA Jt.Hqrs Delhi leaders took an active involvement in social networking sites and publicized genuine information’s about the Thiemfin details earlier hoping that massive participation and audience will flocked the hall. However, the outcome was shameful! Whom shall we blame for it? Where are all the bright students from the Hmar tribe in Delhi? Are colleges or universities the only space for education and intellectual development? If we can`t spare a one day repose and contribute for the development of our tribe during holidays, we better consider and question ourselves. Or we lacked a sense of solidarity for our tribe. Perhaps we have forgotten ourselves that we belong to the Hmar community. What about the parents who are socially and religiously active in the society? Is Thiemfin excluded from the realm of socio-religious activities? At least even if parents are engaged with some works why not take the responsibility of telling their daughters and sons to be immersed within their own social milieu. If a person is not willing to fit in the hub of one`s own society he or she is a living death. The statement of the debate itself has made it very clear that we need a joining hand and the hands of all to foster the success and development of the community socially, culturally and religiously.

The programme was switched on at around 12:20 pm. Pastor Lalsiesang Joute on the onset of the programme whispers a word of prayer for the success of Thiemfin and guidance of God. Mercy Lalumpui and Lalhrietsung with their artistic traditional outfit verbalized the written programme beautifully in the Hmar language from the first session till the last session. The flamboyant butterfly band sang the HSA Jt.Hqrs Delhi anthem `Zaleng kan Lawm’ as the opening song and stimulate the second session with the majestic Hmar folk song `Salulam Hla’ and always remain in tune with the audience in the entire programme. After which a short and brief details of the purpose of  Thiemfin was introduced by Zachariah Varte, present secretary of HSA Jt.Hqrs Delhi. The unstoppable Time has alarmed the quiz master to request each participant from the group to be in a set to battle for the quiz competition. Lalhrietsung Sanate, tying a knot on the nape of his head along with his artificial Hmar a︢︢m-peacock`s feather in his head chaired the quiz competition. The quiz competition was swiftly and smoothly well furnished, unlike last year where glitches occurred on account of the impolite nature of the audience. Perhaps` `We had learnt enough from our history’’ has been his main motive behind in his well-maintained conduct as being the quiz master .Poem recitation was made by the winner of the best poetry Rose Rodingpui .She won the heart of the judges with her verses that captured the memories she had cherished with her beloved friend who has left the earthly dome for a better place in heaven. Out of his solitary confinement, Martin Thangrovul shared his thoughts and imagination to the readers about the joy, happiness and completeness that we will all share, in the heavenly paradise. He was given the opportunity to recite his art as being the holder of the second best poetry. Moreover, he was also the chosen one, and the best designer among the other contestant in the T-Shirt designing competition. In the category of song, the best composer was stolen by Wilson Larotluong. We love you! Remember that Sam Smith grabbed Grammy award for his heart broken song` `stay with me’ ’.we found our best solace when we express it out in front of others and eventually aware of the fact that we have got a thousands of friends. Nick Lalneilien Inbuon was also awarded for his talent in the best tune category with the song `Ka Hmangai Che’ sung and creatively composed by Wilson Lalrotluong. While love songs stirred the sentiments of the people we can’t move ahead without a song that came, out of one`s love for one`s own land and roots .St Paul had done it so well!

Best story writing was awarded to Khamrosang Buhril, a very talented and brilliant student from St Stephen, Delhi University. He has also written a good number of articles and contemporary short stories. It will be really appreciative to have more participants from different prestigious university in the next Thiemfin.

Of all those traditionally well-dressed living soul in the Thiemfin, Evelyn Khawlum won the best attire in the female contestants’ and Jackyl Lalrosem won the best attire award in the male category. For the sake of encouraging people from each rubric of participants, Thiemfin has offered a new item which required massive involvement from each group. North Campus, Devanlal group has done it so well with eight members venturing out for the extempore speech. However, the winner was from team Sumrisang group. Any guess? It’s Zawlkapthang Khawzawl!

Speaking of which, in terms of group participation, north campus, Devanlal group were literally appreciated for their massive participation as was expected.  Chawngmoi group with the aid and incredible contributions from their leader St Paul Infimate has also made a remarkable performance in the literary and art meet. The bold from the south, Suonga Pulamte and Zawlkapthang as the team leader fulfilled the challenge of their team members with their supportiveness and dedication. Well, team Hawilo Par emerged as the liveliest team that was made it possible with the 2015 Thiemfin superstars Wilson Lalrotluong who bewitched us with his magical spells for the entire day.

Debate was conducted by Zachariah Varte, with seven amazing participants from the Movers` and five eligible participants from the Opposers` . JNU chap Japhet Darngawn with his solid point has stolen the Best speaker on the movers` group. He emphasized on how parents and children are represented as responsibilities and duties in which an innocent child can’t stand alone without the guiding hands of their parents. Mr Darngawn quoted a line from proverbs chapter 22:6 ‘’Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will depart from it’ ’ and made his truthful argument during the debate on the first round which leave no choice to the judges and audience but to declare him as the winner of the Best speaker from the movers` group. To complete and conform to the rules laid down by the  HAS Jt.Hqrs Delhi committee members, Best speakers from the opposing group was robbed off by St Paul Infimate, the initiator and team leader of the opposing group. He has outdone the other debater by basing his powerful argument on one of the most famous idioms ``you can lead a horse to water, but you can`t make it drink’’.  It was a very unique debate. Everyone has their own way of speaking and attacking their own competitor. As the name of the events is a literary and art meet, different technique with peculiar style in its own art form was skillfully weaved and adopted during the whole session of the debate. Paper presentation was made by Pu Franklin Lalsansuok and Pi Lalremsiem, throwing light to the young minds who craved for knowledge and enlightenment. As the ending of the session draw closer, James Pusing, President HSA Jt. Hqrs Delhi anchored the thanksgiving speech which was followed by Sarah Chonghoikim Inbuon, with a word of closing prayer. Truly speaking, it was a memorable moment. God has answered our prayer. Although it was comparatively a grand success with more participants than last year, it will not suffice unless we have more mass participants and instigating audience which includes parents and students.

The topic of the debate itself is a clear cut explanation or immediate attention that called for a collective  involvement in this special occasion. Hearty congratulations to a handful of parents who were present on that day despite hectic schedules. We are living in a society; we are social animals and we are all indebted to each other. The meager attendance of the student and the parents was a major setback indeed on Thiemfin 2015. Let’s hope that in the years to come we will be multiplied with better numbers and more participants in our  literary and art meet.


Photo Credit: HSA Delhi (Facebook Page)

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