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HPC-D ni ngei dinga ring haiin Khawlien a IR Camp an bei

Thursday, March 5, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Aizawl, March 5, 2015: Mizoram hmarsak tienga um Khuolien (Khualian) khuoa IR hai Camp chu vawizan dar 6 vel khan helpawl pakhat - HPC (D) ni ngei dinga ring hai chun an va bei thu dawng a nih.

Helpawl hai le IR hai hi minute 15 vel chu chawl lovin an inkaptuoa silai vawi 100 chuong vel kappuok ani thu dawng a nia, hi report ziek hun a chen hin a thi le hliem an um naw thu dawng a nih.

Ei source in a hrildan chun helpawl hai hi mi 100 bawr vel ni dinga ring an nih. Inhma chun hi IR Camp a hin sipai tlawmte chau um hlakna kha a nia, hiengang boruok a um ding an lo hrietlawk vut leiin MAP hai khawm lo inring lawk in hi hmun hi zanilai khan an lo pan a nih. Security hai khawm lo suksang in zan khuvar zak zak duty an lo thaw tah niin a hril. Inkaptuona an la chawl hriphawta chu an lan ralring zing niin an hril.

Militants open fire on police camp in Mizoram

~ Express News Service

Militants opened indiscriminate fire at a police camp near Khawlian village in northern Mizoram around 6.30 pm Thursday but inflicted no casualties, according to police.

The militants are suspected to be cadres of the Hmar People’s Convention -Democrats, which is based in southern Manipur. Its main demand is constitutional autonomy for the Hmar tribe, whose members are spread across both states, particularly the inter-state border area.

“None of our men were hurt or injured,” said a senior police officer at the Aizawl SP’s office, adding the police had been getting inputs about a possible intrusion from across the border.

A contingent of reserved and armed police had been dispatched to the area on Wednesday as there had been reports that the militant group was perhaps involved in hoisting black flags in several villages.
This is the second time in roughly a month that the militant group has opened fire in the region. It’s operations were previously restricted to collecting money from villagers and government officials through either pamphlets or phone-calls.
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