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Dr Pudaite kuoma Eimi International Achievers in Mission works inhlan

Sunday, December 21, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPur, December 21,2014 (HT): Zani 5:00PM khan YPA Hall, Hiangtam Lamka, CCPur-ah Eimi International Achievers’ Award, 2014 semna hunser hmang a nih. Hi huna hin Pu T. Phungzathang, Minister (Health , FW, GAD & CADA) khuollienin a thang a, functional president in Dr Chaltonlien Amo, Chairman, HAC a thang; Pu Thangso Baite, MP (LS); Pu Vungzagin Valte, Parliamentary Secretary; Pu Ginsuanhau, MLA, Pu T. Manga Vaiphei, Chairman, MTDC le Pu T.N. Haokip, MLA le Manipur Assembly Speaker hlui hai Guest of Honour an thang a, Langkhanpau Guite, Chairman, ADCC chu chief Host in a thang.

Award dawngtuhai - M.C. Mary Kom chu ‘ Eimi International in Sports (People’s Choice) inhlan a ni a, Eimi National Achiever Award in Sports chu L. Thangzamuan Simte; Eimi Achievers in Sports Chinkhanmang Zou, Eimi National Achiever in Sports as Coach (Peoples Choice) chu Thangboi Singto; Eimi Achievers in Civil Service (nation) Haulianlal Guite, IAS; Eimi Achievers in Civil Service (State) N. Shokhongam Baite, MCS: Eimi National Achievers in Mission Works Rev. Dino L. Touthang; Eimi International Achiever in Mission works Dr Rochunga Pudaite; Eimi Achiever in Academic (Peoples Choice) Dr Sir H.H. Mate; Media in Pioneering (Peoples Choice) Mangpu Tonsing; Achiever in Civil Service (Peoples Choice), Captain Vualnam Dongzathang (IRS retd); Outstanding incumbent Civil servant Nekhomang Neihsial (IDSA); Lifetime Achievement in Journalism (Peoples Choice) Pu Lalhmingliana Torell; Lifetime Achievement in Gospel Singing (Male) Vanlalsailova; Lifetime Achievement in Gospel (Female) Liandingpuii; Achievers in Gospel (Male) LL Muona; Achiever in Gospel singing (female) Gladys Lalparzo Sanate; Achiever in Handicraft Siamminthang Kullai; Achiever in Progressive Farming M. Suankhanmang Zou; Achiever in innovation- Preservation (Peoples Choice) T. Dongzakai Gangte; Eimi Achiever in Innovative Creation (Peoples Choice) Pu Langgin Tombing; Eimi International Achiever in Electronic Media Jacqueline Chinhauching; Eimi Intl. Achiever in Journalism Nehginpao Kipgen; Eimi Achiever in Outstanding Entrepreneurship Pu Thanglalmuan Hauzel le Eimi Achiever in Community Service Pu Pauzagin Tonsing.

Award hin Trophy le Citation a sawm.

Pic Credit: PhualvaTimes
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