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CCpur ah Ui invet le inzawmin District Magistrate in Order an suo

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPur, December 30,2014: Tulai Churanchandpur khawpui sunga Ui (dog) invet an tam leia Ui i se an pung pei le inzawm'n mipui hai ui se laka venghimna dingin District Magistrate CCpur chun order vawisun khan an suo. Hi Order dungzui hin Ui neitu/vaitu hai chun an rang thei anga mani ui vai hai seng District Veterinary Officer, Tuibuong, Churachandpur ah vaccine thawa vaccination certificate lak ngei dinga ti a nih.

Chun, khawlaidunga an invak vel naw na dingin ui vai haiin mani ina seng or compuond sunga sie seng dinga ti a nih.

Hi order le inzawm hin Police hai chu khawlaidung fanga ui invet, bawng, kel le a dang dang mipui ta dinga ti um, chimum le nghawkum kai hai chu man pei dingin thu a pek.

Churachandpur, the 30th December, 2014

No. DC(CCP)/JDL/87-66: This is for general information of all public and individual dog keepers/pet keepers that there are cases of death due to dog-bites(suspected rabies disease). As such, all such dog owners/keepers and pet keepers are once again directed to administer vaccination of their respective dogs against rabies disease at District Veterinary Officer, Tuibuong, Churachandpur during office hours immediately and obtain vaccination certificate in this regard.
Further, all dog keepers are hereby directed to keep their dogs at their respective home or within their compound etc. to prevent them from loitering in the open street and market/public places. Non-compmliance of the said order shall invite necessary appropriate actions.
The police authority are accordingly directed to initiate a drive in capturing and collection of all such stray dogs and any type of cattle including cows, sheep, goat etc. which are posing danger to the public, those found to be disturbing traffic regulations and which causes public nuisance, and to dispose the same in accordance with appropriate rules and laws.

(Lunminthang Haokip)
District Magistrate 
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