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HSA Platinum Jubilee Cultural Dance & Choir Competition Inhriettirna

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
HSA Platinum celebration le inzawm in Choir Competition (Hlapawl Inruolsiekna) le Cultural Dance (Hnam Lam) hai chu December thlabul a nei ning a ta. Choir le Cultural Dance inzawma hriet ding pawimaw hai chu HSA website le Facebook a hai upload a ni a; a mamaw le hrechieng nuomhai chun a site a en thei ran a nih.

Hi inruolsiekna a thang nuom hai chun a hnuoia hming inziek hai kuoma thuchieng lem in dawn thei ning a tih.

1st Prize = INR 50000/-
2nd Prize = INR 30000/-
3rd Prize = INR 20000/-
Entry Fee = INR 75/-

Last date of Registration: 15th November, 2014
NB: Choir le Cultural dance a prize hai hi an ang char ding anih.
Event Co-ordinator (Choir)
Robert Joute +918413028732

Asst. Event Co-ordinator (Choir & Cultural Dance)
S. Lalramhlun- +919774035692

Event Co-ordinator (Cultural Dance)
Lalhlimum Joute - +919862752996 / +918794028239
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