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Isu Krista a thienghlim ang bawkin ei ni khawm ei thienghlim ding a nih: DC

Friday, October 31, 2014

CCPur, 31st October, 2014 (HT) : District Water and Sanitation Committee, CCPur District huoihawtnain October 30, 2014 (zani) 9:30AM a inthawk khan District Training Centre, CCPurah “Clean India Mission”/ Swachh Bharat Mission” ti thupuia hmangin CCPur District sunga Kohran tum tuma thuoituhai ta dingin ‘One Day Sensitization programme” hmang a ni a, CCPur district sunga kohran tum tuma thuoitu thahnemtawk tak an thang.

Hi programme Pu Lunminthang, IAS, DC, CCPur in a hawng zova thu a hrilna huna, Isu Krista a thienghlim ang bawkin eini ama ringtu hai khawm ei taksa, lungril le ngaituona a thienghlim ding a ni a, chuongang bawkin ei kawl le vel hai khawm ei vawngfai ding a nih. Thienghlimna hi Pathien hnaina tak a nih tiin a hril.

Programme hmang sung hin L. Swamikanta Singh, Director, Communication and Capicity Development Unit (CCDU), Manipur in Swachh Bharat Mission thua thu a hril a, H. Bigadhon, Supdt. Engineer, Rural Circle in “Rural Water Supply scheme Under NRDWP ti thupui hmangin thu a hril.

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