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HSA Silchar Branch Freshers Meet le Platinum lawmna September 20 ah

Saturday, September 6, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Silchar, September 6, 2014: Hmar Students' Association, Silchar Branch chun hung tlung ding 20th September, 2014 khin Gandhi Bhawan, Park Road, Silchar hmuna 22nd Freshers Meet-cum- Platinum Jubilee Celebration hmang dingin an insingsa mek.

Hi huna Chief Guest ding chu Dr. Mary Hranngul, Lt.Col., Assam Rifles, Masimpur Cachar, Assam ning a ta Guest of Honour dingin Pu Rosem Varte, Manager, Development Department, RPC(NEI) ni bawk a tih.

Hi hun a hin inchukna tieng le inzawm'n seminar huoihawt ning a ta, resource person dingin Dr. Janeth R Faihriem, Pi Lalthakim, Asst.Prof., Assam University le Tv. Lalthlamuong, Inspector Of Taxes, Govt.of Assam hai ning an tih

Chun Silchar Branch Annual Election zinga (7th September, 2014) khin nei ni bawk a ta, hi election hi Tv. Lalringum Riengsate, Dy. Speaker, Assembly Secretariat, HSA GHQ in neipui a tih.

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