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Zeliangrongs, Hmars face attack in Assam

Saturday, September 29, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Haflong: Indigenous Students' Forum (ISF), Indigenous Womens' Forum (IWF), Indigenous Village Chief Forum (IVCF) hai in 27-28th September bandh an thaw chu a ni hni na ah mi 9 in hliem natak an tuor, a hliem hai hi NC Hills Agriculture Office hawng a um, inkhar tir ding a fe an nia, DHD (Cease Fire) pawl han lungin an lo deng a sa himna ding tiin police outpost an tlan lut a ,chutak a'nthawk chun DHD hai hin an lakdawk a an vuok tawl nghe nghe. A hliem hai lai hin mi pahni - Naga le Hmar pakhat chu an na hle a, zingah Guwahati damdawiin pan pui tum a nih. Bandh hi Dima Hasao Territorial Council dit naw lei le vawisun a MoU DHD le Central sawrkar in an sign ding dit naw lei a thaw a nih.

A hliem lai hin IWF President, ISF President Pu. Hlima Keivawm hai khawm an thang sa a, an reng hin tuhin Haflong Civil Hospital ah admit an nih.

[caption id="attachment_9865" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Mrs. Zeme, Former President, IWF le Mr. Lalram Tamhrang[/caption]

(Newmai News Network)Confrontation between the Dimasas on one side and that of Zeliangrongs, Hmars and others, has resurfaced in Assam’s N.C. Hills today. Several people got injured in the alleged attack launched by the Dimasas. According to a joint statement issued by Titus Kamei, President of Zeliangrong Youth Front-Assam, Manipur Nagaland (ZYF-AMN), Elu Ndang, General Secretary of Zeliangrong Baudi (ZB-AMN) and Pamei Tingenlung, President of AZSU-(AMN), many leaders of the community as well that of Hmars have been hurt seriously in the attack launched by the Dimasas today.

“The democratic agitation demonstrated by the Indigenous People Forum (IPF) by way of calling 48 hours bandh expressing their objection and discontentment against the policy of the Assam government to declare the North Cachar Hills district as Dimasa Territorial Council, was obstructed by the Dimasa people in which five Zeliangrong social leaders identified as Mrs. Kirangle Panme,(42) who is the President of Zeme Pui Baudi, Assam, and Mrs. Iwangle Riame (43), President of Indigenous Women Forum, Mr. Heichungbe Zeme (40), and three students namely Mr. Kibanchungbe Zeme (18) , Heireilungbe Zeme (18), Mr. Hourangbe Zeme (16)   and other indigenous tribal leaders belonging to Hmar community namely, Keivom Hmar(40), president, Indigenous Students’ Forum, Mr. Sureithang Tuolor (20) were seriously injured,” alleged these Zeliangrong leaders today.

According to them, the injured persons reportedly suffered injury when the Dimasa people armed with guns, and other deadly weapons such as sticks, daos and other deadly weapons attacked them. The injured persons ran inside the police station hoping that their lives would be safe but the police turned them out with the Dimasa people dragged them out from the police station and nobody came to their rescue.

The police whose prime duty and responsibility is to secure the life of the citizen failed to protect the life of the innocent citizen. “This is strongly condemnable by every right thinking people”, the press note stated and demanded that those police personnel stationed at the time of the incident should be terminated from their service immediately and impartial investigation should be done into the incident so as to build up confidence of the citizen in the police, the Zeliangrong leaders demanded.
“The bias and impartial policy of the Assam Govt is an intention to create communal disharmony in the North Cachar Hills which is inhabited by several communities wherein Dimasa is one of them. On the pretext of talk with the Dimasa militant group and the government of Assam have been providing maximum benefits, opportunity and favour to the Dimasa people since the truce.  The Govt of Assam detrimental policy of only pleasing the Dimasa without giving equal treatment to the other indigenous tribal people has attributed the problems of the non Dimasa communities,” Tingenlung, Elu and Titus alleged.

The Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland), Zeliangrong Youth Front(Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AZSU) and Zeliangrong Students’ Union Manipur (ZSUM) has sought the immediate attention of the Assam Govt in particular and also the Govt of India to look into the matter in order to bring normalcy in the North Cachar Hills District at the earliest. The Zeliangrong people would take up appropriate remedial measures in order to secure the Zeliangrong people’s life in particular and other indigenous tribal people in general, they warned.

~Newmai News Network
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