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MPSC 2010 final results puong a nih, Hmar mi 7 an tling

Monday, September 24, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Imphal: Manipur Public Service Commission huoihawtna hnuoia Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive Examination 2010 final results chu puong ani tah. Main exam kha 06/02/12 to 21/02/12 sung khan nei a nia, Manipur ang naw takin Main a hlawtling hai po khan Personality Test 21/08/12 to 18/09/12 sung khan nghal a nih. Manipur Civil services and Allied Services/Posts a ding hin an rengin mi 138 an tlinga, an sin ding hai hi merit dungzuia pek anni ding a nih. Tribal lai a hnam zawnga tiem ding chun Hmar mi a tling rawn tak pawl an nih. Tuchena ei hriet thei hai:

1. Tv. Lalrobul Fimate (5th, ST ah 1st) S/o Dr. L.Fimate, Imphal

2. Emmanuel L Fimate (39th) S/o Biekvel, Rengkai Road.

3. Lalthanzam Fimate (118th) S/o Vanlalsung, Rengkai Road. Churachandpur

4. Zosanglur Joute (122) S/o Mrs. Chawngi, Rengkai Road, Churachandpur.

5. Nk. Lalthazam Songate (125th) D/o Hrangthankhum Songate, Parbung

6. Zorisang Thiek Pangote (127th) S/o Upa Chawngsangvung, Hmarveng/Parbung

7. Solomon Lalneilien Fimate (131st) S/o Fimsanglien Fimate, Khawmawi, Churachandpur.


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