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Memo to Shri Phungzathang Tonsing by HSA Hmarram Jt.HQR

Friday, June 1, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Shri. Phungzathang Tonsing
Hon’ble Minister
Health & Family Welfare/GAD/CADA


Subject: Grievances of the people/students of Tipaimukh Sub-Division for kind and immediate intervention.


Hon’ble Sir,

In the best interest of the people of Tipaimukh Sub-Division who are living in the remote and neglected region wanting equal treatment with the rest of the state. We, the undersigned are pleading your kind intervention for solving our day to day problems/needs as mentioned below:

  • Education: Irregular attendance and below staff of Govt. Schools at different villages in the Sub-Division.

  • Functioning of Govt. Office: Posting of the SDO and other staffs at the Sub-Division Headquarter and other departments like Agriculture/Horticulture.

  • Rural Bank: - Re-establishment of Rural Bank which was uprooted.

  • Transmission tower: - Completion of the construction works of Transmission tower and to put them in working condition.

  • Post Office: - Re-posting of the Post Office at Parbung Village which was once functioning.

  • Electricity: Installation of Electricity in the area.

  • Health Care: Upgrading CHC, Parbung to Rural Hospital as before which caters to the healthcare of peoples of 20(twenty) villages.


Thanking you for your kind Anticipation.


(LAMCHUNGHNUNG PULAMTE)                                                                                                            (REMRUOTLIEN SONGATE)

Secretary                                                                                                 President

                       Hmar Students Association (HSA), Hmarram Jt. Hqtr.

Copy to:

  • Shri Vungzagin, Hon’ble MLA Thanlon Constituency for kind information.

  • Shri Ginsuanhau, Hon’ble MLA Singat Constituency for kind information.

  • Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Hon’ble Chairman (HAC) & MLA Tipaimukh Constituency for necessary action.

  • File



(LAMCHUNGHNUNG PULAMTE)                                                      (REMRUOTLIEN SONGATE)

Secretary                                                                                 President

Hmar Students Association (HSA), Hmarram Jt. Hqtr.


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