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Jacob Malsawmlien thina thu a CDSU in Manipur CM kuoma ngenna

Monday, May 21, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Shri O. Ibobi Singh
Chief Minister
Imphal, Manipur

Subject: The Fatal Stabbing case of Mr Jacob Malsawmlien

Hon’ble Sir,

The CDSU would like to bring to your notice, an issue of grave importance i.e – the fatal stabbing case of Mr Jacob Malsawmlien, a 17 years old Class XII student of Vision Academy, Rengkai Road, Churachandpur. The ill-fated incident occurred on the night of 20th May 20, 2012 near Rengkai Cemetery, When Mr Jacob Malsawmlien was stopped by a complete stranger on the pretext of asking for a lighter. When Jacob Malsawmlien told the stranger that he is a non-smoker, and does have in his person any lighter or a matchbox. The Stranger, for no apparent reason whipped out a knife and plunged it into the abdomen of Mr Jacob Malsawmlien, and snatched away his mobile phone. Jacob Malsawmlien, brave beyond his years, pulled out the knife from his own abdomen and started chasing his attacker; but could not pursue him for long, as he has started to bleed profusely. The attacker ran towards Rengkai cemetery and made good his escape under the guise of darkness. The incident occurred at 8 to 8:30pm pm (during the alternated day load-shedding period of 6 to 10pm).

Jacob Malsawmlien, now bleeding plentifully, was rushed to the Churachandpur district hospital, only to have his miseries compounded further by callous, indifferent & damn-care attitude of the Doctors and staffs on duty at the Hospital. An emergency case like Jacob Malsawmlien was made to wait for a good long time. Excuses like ‘the Surgeon is not on duty now” were made. It was only on the intervention of one selfless Social Worker that Jacob Malsawmlien was referred to Imphal. Jacob Malsawmlien finally succumbed to his injuries at 5 AM, IST on 21/5/2012, at RIMS as he had lost a great deal of blood.

Jacob Malsawmlien, originally hails from Pherzawl villager, under Thanlon Sub-Division and is the eldest of the family. He had come to Churachandpur, in pursuit of higher & better education, and was living in a rented house with his siblings. Jacob Malsawmlien was the Hope of the family; he was a diligent and obedient student, and did not have enmity towards any one. Jacob Malsawmlien Parents are land tillers/farmers who eke out a living, so that they could support their children in their pursuit for a better & higher qualityh of education. Jacob Malsawmlien, a promising boy of 17 years old life has been stabbed out by a complete Stranger, whose intention in carrying out such unproved attack is yet to be known.

The CDSU condemns this ghastly cowardice act which has resulted in the death of a teenage student; and demand that the culprit should be booked at the earliest and dealt accordingly as per the law of the land; before the situation goes out of hand.
The CDSU also fully denounces the gross negligence of the Doctors & Staffs who were on duty at the Churachandpur district hospital, and expressed dismay at the fact that they were not at all helpful and were not readily discharging their duty. It is the demand of the CDSU that the family of Jacob Malsawmlien should be adequately compensated with a sum of Rs 5 lakhs, and a Government job should be allotted to a member of the family on humanitarian grounds.

As per the verbal assurance given by the Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur District Ms Jacintha Lazarus in a meeting at her residence on the 21/5/2012, the CDSU will wait for a period of 3 days i.e. with effect from 22nd to 24th May 2012. Within this stipulated period, if the perpetrator of this heinous crime is not identified & booked. The CDSU will resort to any measure it deemed fit or appropriate; and none should hold the CDSU responsible.

Let the truth prevails.

For the CDSU,

Sd/-                                                      Sd/-
PRESIDENT                                   SECRETARY

Dated: 21/5/2012, Churachandpur
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