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Hmars observe Martyrs’ Day

Thursday, May 17, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Hmar Martyrs DayAizawl, May 16: In commemoration of the 'sacrifices' made by the Hmar People's Convention (HPC) for its people, Hmar Martyr’s Day, was observed today in all the areas dominated by the Hmar community. The commemorative event was held in Manipur with the Martyr’s Trophy (football tournament) in Tuithraphai, Churachandpurr ditrict.
Meanwhile, the main event was held in Hmarkhawlien, 35 km from Silchar town in southern Assam at Hmarkhawlien Play ground where more than 3000 people gathered to solemnly observe the day with dignity. President of Hmar Students’ Association (HSA), Barak Valley Mr Lalthuthlung Hmar informed NNN that the programme could not be started as per schedule due to rain but surprisingly beyond expectation, about 3000 people thronged the play ground. The main programme was organised by HSA, Hmarkhawlien Unit.
In Mizoram, the day was solemnly observed across HPC-D dominated area. The main programme was organised at Berawtlang in Aizawl. The programme was scheduled to be held at YMA Hall, Chanmari hall but due to some unavoidable reason the venue was shifted to Berawtlang in Zemabawk at the last minute. Hundreds of people people gathered to pay homage to the departed ‘Hmar Pasalthra’ who laid down their lives for the cause of the Hmar community. The programme was being organised by a joint collaboration of Hmar Literature Society, Mizoram chapter; Hmar Art & Culture, Mizoram and Hmar Students’ Association, Aizawl Jt. Hqrs. Crooners like Mizo Idol top 3, Lalengvari Sinate a.k.a Mami Sinate; Rosy Vanlalhlani;  Caroline Biakthansangi and Lawrence Laldiklien from Manipur and Sinlung Choir have mesmerised the audience with their numbers.
Meanwhile, the day was also observed across Hmarram in Tipaimukh area of Manipur like Senvawn, Parbung, Lungthulien, Leisen, Pherzawl, Taithu and other Hmars inhabited villages. Reports also said that at Vangai range places like Kangreng, Patpuihmun, Sartuinek, Phulpui and many other Hmar inhabited villages have observed the day. During the day Hmar households have their traditional shawls flying within their respective compound the entire day to mark their observance of Hmar Martyrs’ day.


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