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Sexual transmission of HIV on the rise in Manipur

Thursday, March 29, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
IMPHAL, Mar 28 : Sexual route remains the most prominent means of transmission of HIV virus among people in Manipur, according to Family Welfare Officer of Imphal West, Dr Kh Usha.

She was speaking at the one-day training programme on HIV/AIDS to ASHA workers under Phayeng Primary Health Centre which was held today at THAU ground.

Sharing of syringe with infected persons, blood transfusion from infected persons, sexual intimacy, and from infected parents to child are the four ways HIV has been transmitted.

Dr Usha said the most common means of transmission among them is through sexual route and people with STD are more vulnerable to HIV infection.

She said programmes and schemes for prevention of HIV undertaken by Manipur State AIDS Control Society under the National AIDS Control Organisation could lower the occurrence and spread of the virus through the other means. However, the level of HIV infection through sexual route will be a different matter.

As per the Sentinel Surveillance Report published by MACS, HIV infection through IVU/blood transfusion which was pegged at 72.78 percent in 1998 came down to 28.65 percent in 2008.

Likewise, the percentage of HIV infection through parents to child was put at 2.70 percent in 1999. However, the same was reduced to 0.5 percent in 2008.

Dr Usha said awareness and education on HIV/AIDS is the best way for the prevention of the virus. She said, immoral habits should be avoided and emphasised on the need to practise safe sex.

She added that people with STD have higher chance of getting HIV infection. She also stressed on the need to go for partner treatment in case of either of the partner getting STD infection.

She also informed that free HIV test facility is available at Khumbong PHC, Mekola PHC, Khurkhul PHC, Mayang Imphal PHC, and Sekmai CHC in Imphal West district.

Dr Usha said people in the reproductive age are more vulnerable to HIV infection.

She urged the ASHA workers to work sincerely in their respective area. As per the epidemiological analysis report of MACS, it may be mentioned, a total of 38,016 people have been detected to be HIV positive since 1986 to 2011 in Manipur. Among these, 10109 are women while 2578 are children.

Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer of Imphal West Dr S Bimolakumari and Family Welfare Officer, Dr Usha have distributed torch light to 39 ASHA workers under Phayeng PHC today during the programme.

~The Sangai Express
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