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Friday, January 20, 2012

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Citizens Uniting for Change (CU4Change)

One undeniable fact stands out when Churachandpur is looked at through the lens of governance, development and policy: the dismal lack of it. In fact, this is a no-brainer, shocking to none and not appealing to most to make some change. Decades old experience of RULING, and not GOVERNING, in a ‘hijacked democracy’ ‘blockaded’ our voices and make us accustomed to our condition or fate. Worst of all, it emits a strong cynical vibes forcing us to believe that it’s abnormal to swim against the tide. Thanlon, Singngat or Tipaimukh, all have the same-sad-old story to tell. We relentlessly play blame games which only yield impotent effect. We all are baffled as to whether cribbing should be our last resort or first and dare not think beyond. We can definitely do better than just make our lips do all the talking. All this while our so-called representatives and their political clowns remain aloft in a parallel universe completely cut out from the agonies of reality.

Why are things the way they are? We never give a try to bring about change is one thing. Digging deeper, is it because we are afraid of failure? Or is it that we expect someone else to stand up because we do not garner enough courage to succeed or get the required support? We can escape out of the mess we are stuck in on a condition that WE (You and I) join hands together in solidarity. And this is where a BOLD initiative called Citizens Uniting for Change (CU4CHANGE) comes in.

CU4CHANGE is an independent, non-partisan, non-communal district-wide Facebook based initiative solely devoted as a platform for concern people from every community in Churachandpur to unite and fight for common issues that matters most to us. It is a platform for US (You & Me), the ‘repressed majority’ from every walks of life to amplify our voices, a platform where WE ACT in cohesion to Talk The Talk and Walk The Walk.

Two Bold Objectives:

  • To ensure a free and fair assembly election 2012 and foster a healthy post election environment in Churachandpur District through mobilization and raising political consciousness among the public for an informed decision and responsibility

  • To hold elected representatives & political parties accountable to ALL the people they represent by engaging with them in a post-poll dialogue for effective governance, public transparency and deliver people’s mandate

Nothing will change unless we attempt what looks like next-to-impossible. This is a bold initiative because it is WE, the common public making change. This is a bold idea because it relies primarily on the power of social networks and online interactions. It is a bold idea also because this is about ALL community encompassing all over the district. Most of all, this is a bold idea because it calls for solidarity among all community living within and outside the district, an endeavor that will easily excite skeptics to forecast our doom or frailty of a collective effort.

What CU4CHANGE IS and what it is NOT:

  1. This is not about which candidates/political parties/manifestoes is evil or the best. It is about WE The People and OUR common issues that impact Us.

  2. This is not a tribe-based or a constituency-based initiative. This is an issue-based initiative of like-minded individuals for the whole district

  3. This is not about political class talking TO the people about their agenda. It is about all key stakeholders in the district involved in planning and sharing WITH each other about our pending needs.

  4. This is not a movement funded by an institution: government or an organization. It is a movement spearheaded, supported and fuelled by the people.

Many ways you can be part of this bold initiative:

1.      Be The Change You Want to See: (for those residing in the district):

i.  Come out and vote for a candidate that you feel will best represent you.

ii. Not accepting ‘Cash for Vote’, refraining from casting other than yours, not resorting to violence and uphold democracy for a just election

iii. Attend the 1st offline meeting and volunteer as a Core Group or Sub Committee member (if you are between 18-30 years)

iv.   Nominate a friend (18-30 yrs) who you feel will be committed as a core group/sub-committee member

v.   Invite friends to the offline meeting on Saturday (23rd Jan, Monday@11:30 AM at Lamka Public Ground)

vi.  Volunteer to conduct a small group meeting (alone or with a couple of friends) in your community/locality (material will be provided) and share the photo on our page

vii. Participate in all or at least one of the offline activities and spread the message to friends who do not have a facebook profile.


2.      Initiate:Talk/Call/Text and share about this initiative and lobby for a pledge to a minimum of:

I.5 of your family members/relatives

II.  5 of your friends/neighbours

III.  5 close acquaintances (eg students, teachers, leaders in your church & community organizations)

3.  Involve: Like us on our facebook page and proactively participate in the page and help shape the page’s content for a meaningful outcome. Better still, share it on your facebook wall and friends about it.

4.      Engage:

I. If you are a blogger/writer/journalist, help spread the message about the initiative on your blogs and write articles in mainstream media and various online portals (from local to state to regional to national/global)

II. If you are a graphic artist or a photographer/ enthusiast, post related artworks/photos on your wall or share on our page. You can also volunteer to enrich the movement and page by designing/clicking meaningful and inspirational artworks/photos/posters and flyers/banners for offline meetings (concert/public debate/open discussion/signature campaign)

III. If you are an artist/music group, volunteer to perform on the mobile awareness concert at one or all locations of your choice

IV. If you feel like something important and realistic is missing or some areas excessively overstressed, feel free to share. We don’t deny imperfections.

5. Empower: Pray for the success of the initiative. Support the cause by donating in cash or in-kind (details on donations after approval of action plan & budget by Core Group)

CU4CHANGE is not the best of ideas and strategies to bring about some change. We may stumble. We may falter. But one thing is certain: it is the only movement we have so far that defy odds and obstacles that comes our way. If 6 people and their avid clowns are prepared to RULE over us for 5 full years, the remaining majority can do something to make sure that they deliver their ‘noble’ promises. We may not win the battle but we can never lose the war. For, this movement can be a catalyst to unleashing the Gandhi or the Che Guevera in many souls. If at all we paused, these young souls will someday take off from where we left; better, braver, stronger and wiser to awaken the 2.71 lakhs strong district population who are induced to sleep and disabled to stand up for themselves by the impact of decades old ‘camouflaged dictatorship’. Change is painful but rewarding. Change isn’t easy but not IMPOSSIBLE. And Change, my friend, “begins with YOU”.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited citizens can change the world.

It is the only thing that ever has” 

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"


Lalpu Guite

Page Creator & self-appointed Interim Convenor



Lamka: 19th Jan, 2012



DatesActivitiesBrief descriptions & comments


19 JanCall to Action webcast and Facebook page created 
23 Jan1st offline meeting of those residing in the district at Lamka Public Gound to deliberate on:

  • Formation of Core Working Group, Sub committees, Resource Pool

  • Finalization of Terms of Reference, Action Plan & Budget

Preferably youth in the age group of 18-30 yrs (or 35) desirable to lead the campaign in the forefront. You can share comments on the facebook page on your thoughts, ideas and constructive critics
24 JanDrafting of Offline Discussion Guide by resource committeeA simple reference for volunteers to organize small group meeting in their locality, church, institutions etc
25 JanCampus OutreachAwareness drive at select colleges
26 JanMobile Music AwarenessA free concert at some select locations; intersperse with short keynote addresses and affirmation by all the participants
27 Jan

  • Press Conference/Media Briefing

  • Campus Talk

  • Led by Core Working Group

  • Offline meeting facilitated by volunteers among NCC, Red Ribbon Club, EU etc)


1-12 FebOnline Survey & Facebook Poll for District ProposalTo collect inclusive and issue-based agenda for the district
13-17 FebAnalysis of survey, observation & Feedbacks 
18- FebPreparation of draft district proposal by select intellectual circle with active involvement of the Core Working Group10-15 points for district and constituency specific proposals respectively with emphasis on Look East Policy and NE Vision 2020
24 FebPublic Debate/Open Consultation on district proposalPreferably by new faces and not the seasoned society leaders/figures on the line of ‘new wine, new bottle’ concept. Livestream and live phone-in if feasible.
27s Feb – 1 MarDissemination of Proposal and/Peoples Charter and Online/offline signature campaign 
3 MarchPanel Discussion with all candidates and civil society orgs And approval/declaration of District ProposalsLivestream the event, if feasible
This is only an indicative list and subject to be altered. Comments/feedbacks always welcome via our facebook page. Detail plans and strategies will be updated once  finalized by the Core Groups on Offline meet.



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