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KNO le Pu Lalhmingthang Sanate hai “Deed of Agreement” a copy suk suok a nih

Thursday, October 6, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
KNO le Pu Lalhmingthang Sanate hai “Deed of Agreement” ziek chu a copy mi hmu thei ding’n John F.Hmar, Secy, Info & Publicity, HPC(D) chun Yahoo Group hmangin a hnuoia ang khun a hung thawn.

Kuki National Organisation (KNO) le Pu Lalhmingthang Sanate hai "Deed of Agreement" chu mi ringum taka inthawk lak suok a nih. An computer a inthawk lak suok ani leiin, an suoi (signature) ruok chu a um nawh.

Hi baka hin, "Deed of Agreement" a siempui na leiin Pu Lalhmingthang Sanate chu KNO haiin crore tel sin (contract) leh lawmman dang an intiem le peksa ani bawk. Ram le hnam muolpho taka Pu Lalhmingthang Sanate in a zawr le a sawisak hi pawi kan ti hle. Tukhawmin, Ram le Hnam hming haw a sumdawng amani leh mani tanghma le hlawkna ding ringawt zawnga hma la zawm talo dingin HPC(D) chun a ngen.

Ram le hnam ta dinga in thawpui,

Information and Publicity

Hmar People's Convention (Democratic)
General Headquarters, Sinlung

Government of Hmarram
General Headquaters, Sinlung.


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