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HPC(D) on extortion spree in northern Mizoram: MNF

Saturday, August 6, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Aizawl, Aug 4 : The opposition Mizo National Front today accused the Congress Government of turning a Nelson's eye to the 'Hmar People's Convention-Democratic (HPC-D)' militants' extortion spree in northern Mizoram.

According to a MNF statement, the HPC-D militants had been carrying out extortion racket in northern Mizoram, mainly under the Sinlung hills development council (SHDP), since the Congress government was formed and following the government's inaction the people of this region were living under the mercy of the militants.
''Now, the militants have even demanded five to ten per cent money from contractors in any work and 40 per cent from NREGS fund.

Despite the home minister informing the Assembly House that the militants have extorted lakhs of rupees, there is no action from the government,'' the statement said.

In Vairengte, the village councils were forced to ask the residents through public announcement system to donate fund to the militants to the militants, the MNF's communiqué said.

The MNF pointed out that the mass resignation of the SHDP chairman and all the council members under the threats of the HPC-D was a clear proof that the council was under the militants' rule.

The MNF also said UDLA cadres, who kidnapped two ABCI executives in June and later killed Mizoram police's 'informant' Birgurama in Thingliana village, had been actively engaged in underground activities in northern Mizoram bordering Assam.

The MNF claimed four other 'informants' had fled the village in fear of the militants.

The MNF demanded the chief minister and the home minister to stop muscle-flexing at a safe distance and start cracking down on the militants instead.




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