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Mizoram Band Boomerang wins "Nokia Lords of Music Contest"

Monday, February 21, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Boomerang, a band from Aizawl emerged as winner in the ‘Nokia Lords of Music’ contest participated by eight finalists from the four north-eastern states held in the music capital of Northeast-Shillong

About Boomerang:
Boomarang is a Rock band from Aizwal, Mizoram, formed in 2005. The band started out performing covers before moving on to original material. Soon the band released a debut EP titled 'Rhythm of A Revolution'. Their song 'War' was featured on the Stupid Ditties 3 compilation. The band from Aizwal of the Great Indian Rock Fest and The Hornbill Rock Contest is one of the premier and great entertainer amongst the upcoming band of the nation. The band of four has a blend of blues and hip hop spiced up with a lot of nu-age metal leanings in their sounds which they liked to brand as ‘junk rock’. Irrespective of the genre they are in, the band is all out to entertain the rock denizenz and a give them one helluva great time. Boomarang needs no further introduction as best put by the nation’s premier rock mag. RSJ – “when the fire of boomerang has been ignited, its for all to experience and feel it”.

~The Shillong Times and Indian Bands Hub

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