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Dist. Hospital CCPur Medical Supdt. dingin Dr Vanlalkungi

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

/ Posted by Simon L Infimate
CCPur, June 3, 2020 (HT): Manipur sawrkarin June 1, 2020 a MHS Officers transfer and posting order an suo dungzuiin PHC Saikot, CCPur a Sr. MO sin chel lai mek Dr Vanlalkungi @ Dr Kungi w/o Vanlalbel chu Medical Superintendent (MS), District Hospital, CCPur thar dinga sawn a nih.

Dr James Khupkhohao Touthang, M.O, PHC, Saikot chun remruotna thar um nawk hma po MO i/c
PHC Saikot sin lo chel áš­an nghal a tih.

Tuta Medical Suptd. District Hospital sin chel lai Dr Lalzuitluangi chu Sr. Specialist (Gynae), DH, CCPur sin chel dinga sawn a nih.

Chun, Dr Phirthanglien Buhril, DMO, CCPur, DPO (NVBDCP), Pherzawl & i/c CMO, Pherzawl chu
DPO (NVBDCP), Pherzawl & i/c CMO, Pherzawl sin chel dinga ruot a ni a. Dr T. Nengkhanmang, Sr. MO, DH, CCPur chu District Malaria Officer, CCPur dinga ruot a nih.

Dr Paulunmang Vaiphei, Sr. MO, DH, CCPur chu DFWO, CCPur dinga ruot a ni a, Dr Jamthianlal,
DFWO, CCPur chu Sr. MO, DH CCPur & Dy. Medical Supdt., DH CCPur dinga ruot a ni bawk.
Hieng MHS officers hai hi an sin thar ding ruota um zawm nghal dinga inhriettir an nih.

Transfer and posting order hi Soiminlian Lengen, Dy. Secretary (Health & FW), Govt. of Manipur in Governor hminga June 1, 2020 a kha Order an suo a nih.
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