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EFCI 46th General Assembly 2019 hmang

Monday, March 11, 2019

/ Posted by Ralsun Hmar
Tuithaphai, March 10, 2019, Virthli (ONP): Evangelical Free Church of India (EFCI)  chun " Theina po po Insuo" (Marka12:30; Sam 139:14) thupuia hmangin March 6-10, 2019 hun sung khan EFCI Church, Muolhlum, Rengkai-ah 46th General Assembly an hmang.

Hi huna hin The 100th Executive Council le Assembly Business Session nei a ni a, Rev. Lalhmingthang Famhoite P/S, Saikawt in General Assembly Worship Service hawngna a nei zoin Rev. John L. Pudaite , President, Bibles For the World in keynote address hrilna hun a hmang a. Worship Service nei a ni huna hai- Rev. Dr. J. Huoplien Neitham, Moderator, EFCI, Rev. Scott Boerckel le  Rev. Lallienvel Pakhuongte, President, EFCI han General Assembly thupui thupuia hmangin Pathien thucha ropui tak tak el hrilna hun an hmang.

General Assembly huna hin  Moderator, EFCI le President, EFCI keithuoina hnuoiah Ordination & Commendation of the Seniors hunser hmang a ni a, hi huna hin Rev. Lallienvel Pakhuongte, President, EFCI in Installation Service hunser a hmang bawk. Assembly hun sung hin EFCI Central Choir, Presbytery Choir hai le Allumini hai a'nthawk hlapawl le  Pathien inpakna mawi tak tak el ngaithlak a nih. Hi hunser hi Pu Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Tipaimukh MLA hai nupa le Pu Ngursanglur Sanate, Ex-Minister han an uop ve.

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