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Thuvuongva le thukhel hai thedar ta lo dingin CCPur Police in thusuok a siem

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPur, November 20, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Tulaia Churachandpur phairuoma rannung hai chunga thiltlung le inzawmin CCPur Police chun thusuok siemin thuvuongva, thukhel hai thedar ta lo dingin mipui ngenna an siema, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp le SMS haia thu chienglo, suichiengloa thedartu hai chu dan anga hrem thei, group Admin hai chen khawm hrem thei anni thu, chanchin sukdar hmain suichieng hmasa zet dingin fielna an thusok chun a siem.


In the wake of recent mysterious maiming/killing of domestic animals in Churachandpur Town and recent developments that are taking place in Churachandpur District; several efforts are being made District Administration, Police and other Agencies to address the issues. We understand the anxiety that is persisting in the public. This anxiety is being used by some mischief mongers to create a state of panic, fear and enmity among the general population by spreading fake messages and rumours, in the social media.

Spreading of such unverified news/rumours/fake news that can create fear and enmity in the public is a punishable offence under 505 IPC (Statement conducing public mischief). The District Police is closely monitoring the social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and regular SMS forwards.

People are therefore advised to restrain themselves and not indulge in posting/forwarding such messages. The Police will be compelled to take legal action against people forwarding message in a group without verifying the content, as it is akin to endorsement of the same; and the group administrators will also be equally responsible/liable for spreading fake news/rumours in their respective social media groups and will be punishable for the same. We once again appeal to the general public, social media group admins and members to verify facts diligently before forwarding/posting messages in the best interest of people of the district.

Sr.Superintendent of Police Churachandpur District, Manipur

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