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HSA in Pherzawl district Hqrs sawn tuma hmalatu an um thu le a demthu a puong

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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CCPur, October 31, 2018, Virthli (ONP): HSA General Headquarters chun Pherzawl district headquarters Pherzawl chu infrastructure um naw suonlamin Sub Divisional headquarters danga sawn tuma hmalatu an um thu an puong. HSA chun hieng hmalatu hai hi a dem hle thu le hieng ang hmalakna hi a kal tlat thu le iengtiklai khawm do zing a tih tiin a puong.

HSA chun hieng ang thila hmalatu hai chu suidawk dingin hma alak mek thu, Pherzawl District hi hnam bing/pakhat tading bik an nawa, a sunga hnam tin cheng hai tading a ni thu, infrastructure pawimaw hai chu sawrkar mawphurna ani thu hai an thusok chun a tarlang. Mipui le pawl thenkhat haiin Pherzawl ah a tul chun sawrkar thawktu hai umna ding in hai chen khawm pek an lo intiem tah thu, DC, SDO/BDO office hai khawm an inpeina a sawt ta thu hai an tarlang sa.

District office Pherzawl ah tluong taka a function vat theina dingin HSA chun mituelkhawm sawrkar dawra infrastructure hai a siem vat thei na dinga nawr dingin a fielna a nih. SDO/BDO hai tuchena an office innghatna hmuna an la kai naw zing thu, district thuneitu le state sawrkar chu district hmasawnna dinga office hai sukhmasawnna ding lawmpui kal zawnga hma la lo dingin ti hai ahnuoia an thusuok siem a chun a tarlang a nih.

Press Communique
Pherzawl the 31st October , 2018

The Hmar Students' Association, General Headquarter have come to learn from a reliable sources that there is an attempt to shift the District Headquaters Office of Pherzawl District from Pherzawl Village to some other Sub Divisional Headquarters and the concerned authorities have been approached by some vested interest individuals and Organizations with an excuse that the required infrastructures are not available at Pherzawl Village.

The Hmar Students’ Association General Hqrs, takes this secret plot very seriously. The body strongly objects and condemns this intolerable initiative. The HSA is in the process of identifying the particular individuals or organizations and ever ready to counter the attempt tooth and nail and cautions any who try to derail the proper functioning and development of Pherzawl District office hqrs not to try it's patience.

The Student Body wants to assure the public that Pherzawl District is not meant for a particular tribe. It is created for the benefits of all living in the area. Building necessary infrastructures to run the administration of the District is the responsibility of the State government. The general public and many civil society organisations had earlier made it clear that, if there is the need they would provide residential buildings to house offices until the government initiates the construction of all the infrastructural needs at Pherzawl. It may be also noted that the office of the Deputy Commissioner as well as SDO /BDO offices has been ready since long.

This Student Organization invites all to approach the government in order that all necessary infrastructures may be set up immediately at Pherzawl Village for the smooth functioning of the District Office. It is to be wondered why the SDO /BDO offices are still not occupied in spite of the order from the Chief Secretary for immediate functioning. The Chief Secretary had issued an order vide order no 1/1/ 2018 - CS (Manipur) on 25th January 2018 that while the government is reviewing the infrastructural requirements the SDO /BDO should be at their respective hqrs at all times to discharge their duties and that they should utilise public or private infrastructures for the purpose. The HSA wonders why the order has not been heeded till date.

The HSA also appeals to the District Administration to take heed of the Pherzawl District people 's desire to see the offices functioning at their proper places and the staff deligently attending offices. The HSA also calls upon the State Government not to play with the development of the district by initiating any alternative arrangements or by entering into any game plan to derail the development of offices in designated headquarters in Pherzawl District. The HSA firmly believes that it is much easier to develope the existing office headquarters at their present locations than to run office camps in other places. The HSA also vehemently opposes any game plan to shift the Pherzawl District Hqrs from Pherzawl village to any other place and calls to all sections of the people in Pherzawl District not to succumb to the petty politics that is being played by some individuals and Organizations.

Issued by Information and Publicity Department
Hmar Students' Association,
General Headquarters

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