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72nd Naga Independence Day Speech of Gen (Retd) Kholi Konyak, Vice President, GPRN

72nd Naga Independence Day Speech of Gen Retd Kholi Konyak, Vice President, NSCN (IM)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Gen (Retd) Kholi Konyak,
Vice President, GPRN/ NSCN

My beloved countrymen,

First of all, I am thankful to the Almighty God, the refuge of Naga people, for His divine providence that has sustained us this far, helping us to withstand forces of our enemies within and without.

Secondly, I extend revolutionary greetings to all the national workers young and old for your contributions to the Nation.

I also pay homage to Naga martyrs who had sacrificed their lives as ransom for the freedom of Nagalim. Their supreme sacrifices shall be an inspiration to the younger generations, and the Naga history will ever cherish them.

On this day, in 1947, the Naga people declared Independence from the British colonialists one day ahead of Indian independence. This was the result of the right and timely decision of the visionary Naga leaders of the time.

I have great respect for those national workers who serve the nation with their fullest commitment and selfless sacrifice. I thank and appreciate the Naga Army, irrespective of position and status, who have been defending the Nation from various kinds of forces without any reservation.

In the noble service of the Nation, whoever has volunteered, whether young or old, contributing whatever one can for the cause of the Naga Nation is appreciated and honored. I want every national worker to revive and rededicate the revolutionary spirit with efficiency and commitment that is most essential for the rebuilding of a nation.

The NSCN should be reminded that our political struggle began with our people and it shall end with the people. Our revolution is of the people, for the people and by the people. However, beware of those false organizations and individuals trying to barter Nagas’ rights for personal fame and glory.

I am thankful to all the civil society organizations, churches, prayer groups, and well-wishers from all over Naga areas and outside whose prayer support and contribution in various manners have sustained our national cause till today. May God bless them abundantly always! The Naga history will ever remember them. I would appeal to them to continue rendering their invaluable services and prayer support until Indo-Naga political solution comes finally.

We began our political struggle with God and we shall also accomplish it with God. We had done what we could in all these years of political negotiations with the Government of India, and there is not much to be done now. Final solution will come as and when God is pleased with us. Therefore, countrymen, it is high time the Naga people examine our lives and see whether or not God finds reasons to be pleased with us. Let us remind ourselves of the Gospel truth that, with God everything is possible, and that God is the answer to every problem of a believer.

Countrymen, by the grace of God, our position in terms of our history and political rights has been acknowledged and recognized by the GoI, and now our future is secured and protected from external forces. But, the fact of the problem that still remains to be resolved is the danger of self-destruction. Nagas are bound to perish together until and unless we realize that our greatest enemy is within ourselves in the form of egotism, jealousy, selfishness, hatred, self-righteousness etc. We have to overcome this if we are to survive as a nation. I want all the national workers to remember that all have come to serve the Nation, and not to ask the Nation to serve us.

We will honor and respect the history and the rights of other peoples and Nations. We are also ready to understand together with our neighbors on issues of each others’ history and rights provided they come with rational and realistic approach and are prepared to appreciate the history and the right of the Naga people in its right perspective. We do not want to live in hostility with our neighbors, but a peaceful co-existence with our neighbors and peoples respecting each other’s history and rights is what we want and, this, we want our neighbors to appreciate, because at the end of the day Naga political solution will be beneficial to them too.

Lastly, I wish everybody a very happy Independence Day.


Pic Credit: Naga by Blood Facebook page

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