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The 15th Hmar Martyrs' Trophy 2018: Dark-horse FC Rengkhawpui to take on FAST

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
The Final Showdown

Dark-horse FC Rengkhawpui to take on  FAST

Could FAST finally break their final curse in incredible 4th attempt ??

~ By : Seiminlun Kipgen
Ccpur, the 15th May, 2018 : After weeks of unending dramas, breakthroughs, upsets and controversies, the 15th edition of the Hmar Martyrs' Trophy 2018 will come into conclusion come tomorrow when heavyweights FAST of Rengkai takes on cross-locality rivals FC Rengkhawpui at Saikot playground, Churachandpur.

After witnessing three finals' attempts ended in tatters, Friendship Athletic Sports Team (FAST) of Rengkai will be looking forward to end their final curse when they welcome tournament's dark-horse FC Rengkhawpui, who are making their first final appearance.

Despite making a slow start to the campaign, FAST gained momentum with the progress of the tournament and a place into the final for what could be termed as their natural place as they ride into the summit clash for a record 4 times in 6 years.

Meanwhile, FC Rengkhawpui were considered to have had an outside chance of reaching the final before the tournament started but they defied all odds to claim a stake into the summit showdown after showcasing some spectacular performances on their way to the final.

 🎬 Favourites :
As it appeared and considering the history of both teams and the performances as well as strength of each team, FAST are considered favourites heading into tomorrow's final but FC Rengkhawpui also have the chance to upset their cross-locality rivals if they manage to reproduce the type of spark and technique that send them through to the final.


 🎟 Squad Strength :
FAST have a squad comprising majority of players who are at their peak point plying their trade across some of the biggest clubs in Manipur while FC Rengkhawpui have a squad comprising mainly of experience players but it is assumed their strength of experience is what brought them into tomorrow's final as they overcame teams one after another with patience and calm.


🔑 Key figures of FAST :
1. Samuel Ramtha(former Royal Wahingdoh).
2. Daniel L Hmar (TRAU).
3 Immanuel Intoate (former ZFC).
4. Boigou Hmangte (Muvanlai Athletics).
5. Mayo (DM RAO).
6. Pauginmuan (Lenlai Club).
7. Peter Khumrosang (Ahsijolneng FC).
8. K. Lalrintluanga (Lenlai Club).
9. L. Gogocha (AIM).
10. Ng. Bedeenpar Moyon (AIM and former FC Zalen).
11. Cornelius Pudaite (Morning Star SC-Assam).
12. David F Tuollai (former KSC and NISA).


🗝 Key players of FC Rengkhawpui :
1. Michael Joute (former KSC and NISA).
2. Lalneidik Hmar (former KSC and KLASA).
3. G. Golmei (Manipur Police SC).
4. Vante-a.
5. Golden Jubilee Hmar.
6. Damen (Manipur Police SC).
7. Anand Singh (Goalkeeper).


🛣  Road-To-The-Final :

🎇  FAST :
1. Finished Group  E as winners.
2. Beat Fang Far FC 1-0 in the knock-out round.
3. Overcame Ganggam SC 1-0 in the quarter-finals.
4. Beat Leisen FC 2-0 in the semi-finals.


🎇 FC Rengkhawpui :
1. Finished Group H as winners.
2. Beat Zawnglai FC 2-0 in the knock-out round.

3. Overcame Konsam FC with the same 2-0 scoreline in the quarter-finals.

4. Survived late scare against Neitham Brothers in the semi-finals but held firm to clinch a 3-2 victory to enter final.


Team              MP    GF     GA
FAST                06     18      01
Rengkhawpui 05     12      03


🔥 🔥   The Rivalry : 🔥 🔥

Some might have a presumption that tomorrow's final match would be of friendly one but considering the rivalry between the two sides and the hostility engulfing between them, the match is poised to showcase hostile encounter with each side desperate to disappoint the others.


 ⚽⚽ The Race for Top-Scorer Award :

Rejuvenated Lalrintluanga of FAST is the front-runner to claim the Award as he has been locked with 2016 Top-scorer Thangtinlen Haokip of United Khawzim Brothers at 9 goals. So, K. Lalrintluanga will grab the Award if he manage to score goal tomorrow but failure to score for him would hand the Award to Thangtinlen Haokip of UKB.


📋 The Fixture :

🗓 Date : 16th May, 2018

⏲ Time : 1:00 pm.

🏞 Venue : Saikot playground, Churachandpur.
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