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NECA in Essay Writing le Painting Competition on Measles Rubella an nei

Friday, April 6, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPUR, April 06, 2018, Virthli (ONP): 13th April 2018 nia North Eastern Children Academy a Measles Rubella (German sentut) vaccination programme um ding le inzawmin NECA chun a students hai CL VI to X hai chu 6th April 2018 khan Essay Writing le Painting competition on Measles Rubella programme a hmangpui. Hi programme hi senior le junior category a ṭhe in CL VI & VII hai chu junior category le VIII to X hai chu senior category niin mass competition an nei. Painting a ṭhang hai chun  NECH Dinning Hall ah an nei a, Essay Writing a ṭhang hai  ruok chu mani class room sengah a ruolin an nei thung. Chun, 13th April 2018 vaccination ni hin prize dristribution programme nei bawk an tih.

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