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ICI Saikawt ‘ North’ Silver Jubilee ropui taka lawm

Saturday, December 30, 2017

/ Posted by Unknown
SAIKOT, December 30, 2017, Virthli (ONP): Independent Church of India, Saikawt ‘ North’ kohran chun vawisun December 30, 2017 khan ICI Saikawt ‘N’ Compound ah ropui takin Silver Jubilee an hmang. Hun hmangna hi Upa Lalruot Ralsun in a keithouia, Rev. H.B Hluothang in Jubilee Lungdaw hawngna le Pathien kuoma inhlanna hun a hmang a, Upa Dr. H.L Liensang in Balloon invuongsuoktirna a nei a. Hi huna hin Jubilee Dar vuokna hun nei a ni bawk .

Silver Jubilee hmang huna hin Pu Roh. F. Tusing, Secretary, Celebration Committee anthawk keynote Address ngaithlakna nei a ni a, Rev. Hrangtinai, Misssion Promoter, ICI keithuoina in ICI Saikawt North kohran a fam lo changtahai sunna hunser hmang a nih. Hi huna hin Rev. Lalhmingthang, Secretary, Evangelism, ICI, Pastor J.F Lalropuia, Rev. Lalhmingthang Famhoite, Presbytery Secretary, EFCI, Rev. Ros Infimate, Secretary Mission, RPC NEI, Rev. Lalramlawm Inbuon, Evangelist-At- Large, ICI le Pu Lalhrillien, EM, ADCC CCpur han Greetings hrilna hun an hmang tawl, Rev. S.K. Songate, Chairman, ICI Tuithaphai Presbytery a inthawk Jubilee messege ngaithlak a nih.

Hi huna hin Rev. Dr. J.L Songate, Executive Secretary, ICI in SOUVENIR tlangzarna le Pathien kuoma inhlanna hun a hmang a, Pu Thangrohlun Tuolor, Local Secretary, ICI Saikawt ‘N’ keithuoina in ICI Saikawt ‘N’ indin ani laia hmalatuhai le Silver Jubilee hmang huna fiela um hai kuomah Recognition & Appreciation Certificate inhlanna hun hmang a nih a. Vote of thanks Upa Joseph Sungte, Local Chairman, ICI Saikawt North in hrilna hun a hmang.

Silver Jubilee hmang huna hin ICI Central Choir, Blessed Choir, NPT Choir, Jubilee Choir hai anthawk inpakna hla ngaithak a ni a, Nk. Valentina Tusing, Tv. Vanlalchhunga Joute hai khawma inpakna hla mawi tak takel sakin mipui fekhawm hai an awi. Zan hunah Sky Lantern invuongsuoktirna nei a ni a, ICI Saikawt ‘N’ KTP, NSSU han special no. ngainuom um tak takel ngaithlak a ni a, Rev. Hrangtinai, Mission Promoter, ICI a inthawk Pathien thucha ngaithlak a ni a, Silver Jubilee Finance Department anthawk presentation hunser le report ngaithlak a ni a, Rev. Hrangtinai, Mission Promoter, ICI in tawngtaina in hun a khar.

Saikawt ICI North kohran hi In 116 an ni a, kohran members mi 612 lai an nih. Silver Jubilee lawmna a hin Sielchal , Bawngchal , Vawkchal , Sakhi le Zawngsa in Ruoi ropui takel the a nih.

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