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UPF in ‘Autonomous Hill State’ bawk an fepui ding

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPUR, June 21, 2016 (HT): June 20, 2016 zantieng 1:20 PM khan UPF Convenor Calvin H le UPF thuoitu L. Sanga Hmar han Chanchinbumihai an inhmupui a, United Peoples Front (UPF) chun Autonomous Hill State bawk an fepui ding (standpoint) thu an hril.
UPF le KNO palai han June 15, 2016 khan New Delhi­ah Ministry of Home Affairs inrawinain Govt. of India le Govt. of Manipur hail eh ‘Tripartite Political Dialogue’ hmasa tak an nei a. Hi inbiekna hi Satyendra Garg, IPS, Joint Secretary, Ministryof Home Affairs, Govt. of India in an rawi a, UPF spokesperson Aaron Kipgen inrawinain UPF palai mi 6 le KNO spokesperson Seilen Haokip inrawinain KNO palai mi 6 an thang bawk.

June 15 2016 nia KNO, UPF, GoI le Manipur sawrkarna inbiekna

Hi huna hin KNO le UPF team haia Spokesperson hai pahni suoi keina Indian Constitution Article 3­na thang­sanin Kuki State ngenna ‘Memorandum’ an pek a nih tiin an hril.
Kuki State ngenna Memorandum pek a ni thua UPF thuoituhai hril dan chun, September 26, 2016 khan UPF le KNO in joint meeting an nei a, chu huna chun ‘Joint State Demand’ nei dingin thutlukna an siem a, hi thil hi pawl pahni han inbiekna nei nawk a, thutlukna siem ding ti a nih. UPF chun ‘issue base’ a fe ding, nomenclature a fepui lo ding ti chu a thil tum le a fepui nuom dan a nih.
Hi thua hin June 15, 2016 a UPF le KNO palai han ‘Joint Memorandum’ an pek  chu UPF in a hrietpui naw a, hi lei hin June 16, 2016 khan UPF palai han Delhi­ah ‘emergency meeting’ neiin UPF ‘standpoint’, Indian Constitution Article 244 hnuoiah ‘Autonomous Hill State’ ngenna ‘memorandum’ ziek tharin Satyendra Garg, IPS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs kuomah  pein in tieng an hung kirsan a nih tiin an hril.

An hril peinaah, ‘Political Dialoge’ neina ding le inzawmin Central Govt. chun UPF le KNO hai a kawpin inbiekna nei ding thu SP/CID fethlengin June 8, 2016 khan a hung inhriettir a, sienkhawm SP/CID chun UPF le KNO hai a hran ve vein an hriettir a. Hi dungzui hin  UPF le KNO khawmin a hrana inbiekna nei dingin a lo beisei a, sienkhawm inbiekna nei hunah, a hrana inbiekna um lovin a ruolin inbiekna nei a ni a. Hi huna hin KNO chun Memorandum ziek saa an chawi a, Memorandum entlang a ni hnungin UPF palaihai chu an lungawinaw leiin Memorandum ziek that dingin an ngen a; Memorandum ziek thain siemrem tha pei  nisien khawm UPF palaihai an lungawi theinaw leiin UPF chun a hranin Memorandum a pek a nih tiin an hril.
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