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SoO signatories ‘unite’ to demand separate State

Sunday, September 27, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Womenfolk sets UPF leader’s residence on fire in Ccpur

CCPUR, September 26: The United Peoples’ Front and the Kuki National Organisation have jointly decided to demand a separate State of all hills in Manipur instead of continuing with the present demand for ‘separate administration of the hills, according to ZRO president and general secretary of UPF Thanglianpau Guite.

At the same time, a frustrated lot of womenfolk also attacked the residence of the UPF leader at New Lamka and set it ablaze.

In a major development to the present movement, the UPF and the KNO following a marathon meeting of their top officials today decided to come together and demand for a separate State to be carved out of the hills of Manipur instead of demanding for separate administration for the hills.

According to the two organisations, the demand will be much stronger than the present demand and they will soon talk with the Centre in this regard.

UPF general secretary Thanglianpau Guite and KNO president PS Haokip accompanied by other leaders of their outfits also paid respect to the nine martyrs whose bodies are still kept at the district hospital morgue.

Speaking at the mortuary, Guite said the sacrifices of the nine will not go in vain and will lead the people of the hills to find their self-determination and shun oppression.

He said the groups under the Suspension of Operation with both the State and Central governments have decided that only separation from Manipur will serve them and they will demand for a State under the Indian Constitution.

He said the sacrifice of the nine will unify the tribals of Manipur.

PS Haokip said “the Manipur government doesn’t care about us and they cannot be trusted.”

We have decided to demand a full-fledged State of India and within three or four days will discuss the issue more and come out with a name for the State.

According to our tradition we don’t name an unborn baby, he said.

He said leaders of the two groups had met at Delhi on September 13 and decided to unite.

Stating that sacrifices of the nine will not go in vain, he said they will soon come out with the name which the nine would be very much proud of.

We believe in God and as the Bible says we will be a blessed nation, provided we trust the Almighty, he said.

The two leaders also consoled and spoke to families of the nine martyrs.

The KNO president continued, as the ‘Pan Naga’ issue doesn’t cover us, we have decided to demand a separate State.

“I am confident that we will stand together and we are going to get to our goal.”

“The Centre will soon appoint an interlocutor for us and we will be commencing talks with the centre as was unanimously decided by UPF/KNO in a meeting today.”

He said “The 40 non-tribal MLAs will always suppress us, and I will apprise the Central leaders that we are suppressed and on a downslide economically under the Okram Ibobi government.”

The speeches of the two top officials of the groups were applauded by the people.

Meanwhile, later in the day around 2:30 pm, some frustrated women attacked the residence of UPF leader Thanglianpau Guite and set it ablaze.

The womenfolk who had been on the forefront of the agitations so as to check the unruly behaviour of the young unfortunately in a violent incident burned down the residence of the UPF leader which also shows the public’s dissatisfaction with their present leaders.

Amidst all the violence in recent times, when people had shown dislike for their representatives, the ATSUM and the JAC formed in connection with the movement had failed on many instances to control the protestors, a woman protestor on conditions of anonymity said.

Source: Imphal Free Press

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