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Memo submitted to JAC by families of Martyrs

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI

The Chief Convenor
Joint Action Committee

Subject: Complain against the resolution (sl.No. 3) passed by the four Innpi's (The Mizo People Convention (MPC), Hmar Inpui (HI), Kuki Innpi, Churachandpur (KIC) and Zomi Council (ZC) on the 28th September 2015 in connection with the deadline/Last rites of the nine martyrs.

We, the members/parents of the nine victim's families had an emergency meeting on the 29th September 2015, regarding the resolution adopted by the four innpi's on the 28th September 2015. In connection with the deadline given by the innpi's for burial of the nine MARTYRS, we wholeheartedly and solemnly adopted the following resolutions for your immediate actions.

1. We the families of the nine Martyrs had never change and will never change our stands in connection with our nine sons who are declared MARTYRS by the JAC on the 2nd September 2015. In order to prove the fact that we enclosed our past stands submitted to you on the 8th September 2015 and 16th September 2015 and also before the Centre Observer, Shri Ashok Prasad (Internal Security, Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI) on the 22nd September 2015.

2. We resolved that the dead bodies of the NINE MARTYRS be buried according to the consent and approval of the general public. Since we handed our dead bodies to the public through the JAC on the 8th September 2015 and not to the four innpi's.

3. It is our sincere request to the JAC that if the dead bodies of the Nine Martyrs have to be buried without any results or all our demands are not fulfilled; please hand over the dead bodies of the nine martyrs to their respective families.

4. To confirm and re-affirm the wills of the victim's families, we the victim families hereby put our signature as below:
i) Mrs Vungching, M/O Thangzalian, Tipaimukh Road, Hiangtam Lamka
ii) Mrs Haulianching, M/O Pausuanlian, Vengnuam, New Lamka
iii) M. Khaikhothang, F/O Henlalson, Headquarter Veng
iv) (L). Thianlal, F/O Paulianmang, Dorcas Veng, New Lamka (signed by Ngaikhaching)
v) (L) V. Vungkhozam, F/O Robert V. Jamminthang, College Veng, New Lamka (signed by V. Lamzagin)
vi) (L) Haukhothang, F/O of Khaizamang Touthang, Bijang (signed by Nemneilhing)
vii) Kamkhenthang, F/O Khamthianmuan, Pearsonmun
viii) K. Ginzalian, F/O Lamkhenthang, New Lamka
ix) S. Nangzachin, F/O Enkhankhup, LV Lane, New Lamka
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